Jon Hulburd Continues Dirty Campaign With First TV Ad

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Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd
Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd continues to beat the Dirty drum in his campaign's first TV ad.

News of Hulburd's opponent Ben Quayle's ties to the sleazy Web site "The Dirty" was revealed nearly two months ago and Hulburd has made it the focal point of his campaign -- probably better than talking about actual issues considering Hulburd, a Democrat, agrees with Quayle, a Republican, on just about everything.

In the new ad, Hulburd also criticizes Quayle for a mailer he distributed showing a picture of him and his two nieces. In a previous ad, Hulburd lied about lying, saying Quayle lied about the mailer by claiming the two girls were his daughters. As we pointed out the other day, Quayle never said the girls were his kids.

Quayle's campaign, on the other hand, has yet to go negative. The only time we hear anything from his campaign is to announce boring stuff like endorsements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (yawn), which happened yesterday.

Check out the latest addition to Hulburd's Dirty campaign after the jump.

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Hello, my name is Leonard Clark the Arizona endorsed Green party candidate for this congressional district #3. I would like to publish the following perspectives I gained from meeting and sitting with the other candidates for almost 2 hours earlier this week as a fellow candidate in their race. The setting is the editorial board room where the Arizona Republica newspaper sat us all down to question us but it turned out to be quite an interesting experience, here is what follows of my personal experience as a congressional candidate for district #3:

Personal experiences as congressional candidate of Arizona Republic Editorial Board Meeting with congressional #3 candidates on: 9-28-10‏

Hello just wanted to report on the candidates meeting today with the Arizona Republic Editorial Board , it was interesting. First, as I stepped into the lobby of the Arizona Republic wearing my Green Party t-shirt, I signed in sat down and dozed off while waiting to be called and escorted upstairs to the editorial board. Then as my ol' Az. route 66 hat covered my head while I lightly dozed, I heard another voice talking to the security guards, I didn't recognize the voice as Quayle's because I had heard the: "I'm going to go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place" enought times in commercials to know that it wasn't his. The voice asked where the bathroom was located and walked off. Soon, I heard the voices of several men and took my hat off and opened my eyes and there appeared to be all the other candidates for Arizona congressional district #3: Democrat, John Hurlburd, Libertarian: Mr. Schoen and Republicn Ben Quayle. It did, needless to say, seem rather akward as I sat in between Hurlburd and Quayle. Mr. Schoen was not the stereotypical Libertarian that one would expect to be running for congress. He was rather at first appearances a kindly older gentleman and seemed to recognize the heavy awkardness in the air so started talking about some interesting subject in which he and Mr. Qualye became engaged in conversation.

Mr. Quayle and Mr. Hurlburd still didn't talk but it seemed to ease the awkardness instead of having to sit there and stare at each other without anything to say. Of course, you might understand why there was a heavy awkardness in the air as Mr. Quayle and Mr. Hurlburd had been going at each other in public and in private as fierce political opponents. Still...I didn't sense any arrogance in these men and hoped that I did not evince any arrogance myself. Finally, a secretary arrived and escorted us to the elevator where we went upstairs to the floor of the multi-storied Arizona Republic headquarters that the editorial board of the Arizona Republic board would meet us. We stepped off the elevator and it was a short walk to the room. As we entered there to meet us were many of the reporters/journalists that I had read for years: Rob Robb, Doug MacEachern, Laurie Roberts, Mrs. Valdez (speaker phone) and the others whose names I do not remember. We candidates also shook hands and it was not an unpleasant experience to look them and the reporters in the eye without anger but a need to communicate and understand and to persuade. The reporters and editors, I must say seemed surprised to see me because they probably didn't expect a Green party member as I had been a write-in candidate but was now a candidate on the general election ballot. Several of them, including Mrs. Roberts questioningly asked me: What is your name? It almost felt as if they thought I had snuck in through the back door. Maybe I did, maybe I did. But the Green party, thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of its members and leadership were there now to be represented.

The journalist in the middle of the journalists sitting across from us seemed to be the moderater and was in charge of stating the lead off question where other reporters were free to ask follow up questions of the candidates they chose. I noticed that more than a couple of the reporters had mini-digital tape recorders by their side. I ended up sitting to the left of Mr. Hurlburd. I found where I sat to be rather ironic because I have been accused a few times of being a "Lefty". Directly to the right of Mr. Hurlburd sat Mr. Schoen, the Libertarian candidate and rather appropriately farthest to the right, the former vice president's son, the republican candidate Mr. Ben Quayle.

The reporter in the middle (I will hopefully look up his name later) then started by stating: Mr. Clark, we'll start off the first question with you. I believed the first question was something to the effect of hoq we as candidates could go to Washington and strongly advocate for our district and Arizona. I stated that there were no more excuses for why we as a state could not be strongly invested in solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy and that we could utilize the great natural resources of Arizona. I was then surprised at how the other 3 candidates went on to stress natural and renewable energy sources. This I feel is another important reason as to why there should be other candidates and political parties represented on the ballot so as to force discussion and committments from other candidates for points that would not have been brought up otherwise if the other candidates that did not represent the "two big gangs" were not there.

I also forgot to mention the kindness shown me by Mr. Hurlburd who had brought me a bottle of water that the candidates had been offered but which I did not see on the way in. The previous statement being said all the candidates there seemed to nice people but hey...what were we supposed to do act like raving lunatics in front of the Arizona Republic Editorial Board ? I think not. I noticed that Mr. Robb, kind of was looking at my shirt rather strangely. Hey, all I had on was my Arizona Green party T-shirt and safari shorts but the way he was looking at me was something akin to the way one would look at an alien from Mars. try and wind down this observation of my experience there at the Arizona Republic, I'd like to get to the other questions. The next question was something like, why should we candidates be elected to represent Arizona and the nitty gritty of my response was in a nutshell that there was a two party monopoly running Washington D.C. and that both were bought off by special interests such as corporations as reflected by the U.S. Supreme Court case of "Citizens United".

But, it was the previous questions that made me question what was going on with the democratic candidate. He (the democratic candidate) responded to the reporters that he wanted the Bush Tax cuts extended not just for the lower brackets but all of the brackets in place, even the millionaires. Next, the candidates were asked whether they supported SB 1070, which I don't ! Ben Quayle unsurprisingly stated that he was for it and I'm not sure of the response of the Libertarian candidate's but then the question came to Mr. Hurlburd, the democrat candidate and he stated that yes, he was for sb 1070 and when asked the follow up question of whether he agreed with judge Bolton's decision on sb 1070 he apparently said that he was not for the changes she had decided on. The next question asked of us was on the Dream Act. We were asked: If you were in congress would you vote yes on the Dream Act: Mr. Quayle said "no" he would not. Again, I did not hear the response of the Libertarian candidate but the question was then addressed to Mr. Hurlburd in which he responded: No, that he would not vote in favor of the Dream Act. This last stand by a democrat candidate should have surprised me but it didn't. I responded: "Of course, yes !"

I will say that I was again surprised at the moderate tone of the Libertarian candidate Mr. Schoen, who stated to the effect that the immigration debate was being used as a political football and that it would not effect the deep systemic economic problems we were having in that most of the jobs done by un-documented immigrants would not be done by Americans if the immigrants were forced to go and that the Americans would rightly demand more pay such as a livable wage and better working conditions, with which I completely agreed and strongly disagreed on sb 1070 in that I was strongly against it and that it had made Arizona a "laughing stock".

Finally, towards the end of the questioning the reporters asked para-phrasing: Mr. Quayle, why shouldn't the voters think that you come from money and that your daddy has bought the race from you? Mr. Quayle responded by saying that he acknowledged that this stereotype was out there but in addition, he would like to point out the fact that being the son of the former vice president of the United States was also a "double edged sword". Then, one of the reporters broached the porn site controversy to Mr. Quayle: Asking him if he was the "Brock Landon" he was accused of being on the porn site. Mr. Quayle strongly denied this, to which one of the reporters replied that he thought Mr. Quayle was using "legaleez" by stating that he wasn't the "character" on the porn site just as former president Bill Clinton had done with his use of technical legal talk. Mr. Quayle then responded again in the strongest terms that he wasn't and the reporter then asked him: not even a proxy wrote it for you? And Mr. Quayle even responded again: No ! This went on for some time with Mr. Hurlburd interjecting to the effect that it was terrible thing and showed upon the character of Mr. Quayle. Again, Mr. Quayle responded that the person who accused him of being Brock Landers was walking back from that accusation. The reporter then asked Mr. asked Mr. Quayle, you didn't even have a proxy using the pseudonym "Brock Landers" write this for you? To which Mr. Quayle replied, '"no". I also noticed that the female reporters seemed to be rather hostile and more skeptical of Mr. Quayle. At one point, one of the female reporters told Mr. Quayle to the effect that mothers who had daughters found that being associated with this porn site to be quite insulting.

One final note on this part of the discussion was how former president Bill Clinton's name came up in the discussion because of the porn site accusation against Mr. Quayle, when, Mr. Hurlburd was asked what he thought of Bill Clinton's behaviour in that torrid Monica Lewinsky affair. Unfortunately, I didn't hear Mr. Hurlburd's response as to whether he thought Mr. Clinton should have been impeached but when Mr. Hurlburd was asked whether he was a "fan" of Bill Clinton he stated that he was.

The dialogue had been between the reporters and the candidates but finally Mr. Hurlburd and Mr. Quayle after making small negative remarks about each other could stand it no longer and broke out into open verbal combat and it continued to grow more vicious when a reporter asked Mr. Quayle about what he did for a living, to which Mr. Quayle responded that he and (I think) his brother had a company specializing in buying up other companies and had just purchased some type of security company and then Mr. Hurlburd interjecting about it then Mr. Quayle demanding to know what Mr. Hurlburd did for a living. Mr. Hurlburd stated that he had started some type of company which bought up all the "Terra Cotta" along the U.S./ Mexican border and that it had done quite well for a time but that with the economic downturn, they went out of business After Mr. Hurlburd explained what he did, he shot back to Mr. Quayle that he knew (using some derogatory term) that his people were spreading un-true things about some type of bankruptcy or business loss that he had suffered with this company and that it wasn't fair because he had done all the right things and had properly closed the company. Mr. Hurlburd also shot back that there was an LLC by Mr. Quayle that apparently didn't list important information.

Then it went on for some time as both men described all of the charitable organizations they were on but Mr. Hurlburd stated then when he had been the age of Mr. Quayle (33) that he was doing much better things with his time that what Mr. Quayle was doing at that stage in his life (implying that Mr. Quayle spending his time on the porn site).

Finally, one of the reporters told Mr. Hurlburd para-phrasing: no offense but you sound like an almost republican because you've got to admit sir, you describe yourself as" social liberal" and a democrat yet you support sb 1070 and many of things a Republican does. We have a Green party, Libertarian and Republican candidate in this room, we know where they stand, if you want republicans to vote for you then you should become a republican, are you trying to get republicans to vote for you? To this Mr. Hurlburd responded that he wasn't trying to get republicans to vote for him. He finished up by stating that this election was very important and was the first time in 16 years that someone different could be elected after the selfless work of Mr. Shadegg (the present republican congressman of the district set to leave in January.) He said to the effect that no one knew who Quayle or he was and that he had been trying to publicize the campaign that channel 12 would apparently have had a debate but for the refusal of Mr. Quayle to do so.

All in all, I could have gone into this whole experience really villifying my opponents just as they trained us to do in the military which was to hate our enemies but instead I found that personally these men were not at least to the best of my knowledge, the scounderels and monsters they were made out to be and I believe that this is a very important thing that when people don't meet face to face, fear, hate and mistrust can grow to the point where tragic consequences occur such violence and war.

Leonard Clark

Arizona endorsed Green party candidate for:

Arizona congressional district #3


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