John McCain No Longer the Only "Maverick" to Catch Sarah Palin's Eye

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The original Mav
U.S. Senator John McCain is probably feeling a little sadsies this morning with the news that there's another "Maverick" in the life of his former running mate, Sarah Palin.

Palin spoke at a GOP Victory party in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend and used the term "Mavericky" (it's not a real word, we know) to describe Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio.

Republicans don't use the term "Maverick" loosely. It's, like, McCain's thing (sometimes).

Here's what Palin said:

"Hearing Marco Rubio, you know, I'm thinking, when we consider this revolution, where it's been proven now, in this last year, that really anything is possible in these campaigns, where Marco Rubio started and kinda taking on the establishment and mavericky, going rogue, you know, doing it. And I look at him and I think, you know, we kinda started a whole bunch of this stuff. So, very very proud and encouraged by Marco."

Watch the video after the jump. Check the extra-emphasis on the "going rogue." At first gander it's irritating. If you watch it again she sounds flat-out nuts.

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First of all, making sense of what Palin says most time is difficult at best. Next, her characterization of Marco Rubio as a maverick is stupid. As a Floridian, we know Marco as a Tallahassee insider, a consummate politician in the truest meaning of the word. Rubio is no less a politician than Charlie Crist or Meeks.

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