John McCain Campaign Responds to Campaign Finance Complaint

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The Mav
Since our earlier post about a complaint filed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee against Senator John McCain regarding some TV ads The Maverick funded -- and starred in -- the McCain campaign's responded to the charges.

The DCCC feels that two ads McCain released violate the McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform act -- which's ironic, of course, because McCain's name is attached to that legislation.

The ads are for Congressional candidates Jesse Kelly and Ruth McClung and are similar in nature to "campaign ads" run by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in which he didn't so much hype himself but rather bash the opponents of other candidates he supports.

The DCCC's complaint, filed with the Federal Election Commission, says the ads should be considered a political donation to a candidate that exceeds the non-cash donation limit set forth in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act.

See the full complaint here.

McCain's campaign spokesman, Brian Rogers, says the complaint is "frivolous," and only "intended as a publicity stunt." 

"The DCCC is grasping at straws and misstating the law in a desperate attempt to assist their weak candidates. 'Coordination' has a very specific legal meaning under the FEC regulations, and involves sharing campaign strategy and plans -- not just appearing on the same stage, but that is the nonsense the Democrats are selling," Rogers tells New Times. "The fact is, the FEC put in place specific coordination rules and the McCain campaign is carefully following them. The advertisements are fully disclosed, and paid for with Senator McCain's federal campaign funds, as required by law.

"We expect and welcome more flailing attacks from the DCCC -- they serve only to spotlight Representative Grijalva's calls for a boycott of his own state and Representative Giffords' votes for the failed Pelosi-Obama agenda. So keep it coming."

Whether the ads violate campaign finance laws will be determined by the FEC. Either way, McCain should be applauded for one thing: not using campaign money to shoot a cringe-worthy music video for an Arizona-themed Lynrd Skynyrd revival, which is more than we can say about his Democratic Senate opponent, Rodney Glassman (see below).

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Arizona's Politics
Arizona's Politics

UPDATE: McCain JUST filed his "independent expenditure" reports with the FEC. Failed to report within the required 24 hours. Also, he's recording robocalls for McClung, TV spot for Schweikert:

Arizona's Politics
Arizona's Politics

Thanks, Jim. I find it very interesting that Rogers told YOU that they stayed within "coordination" rules. Because he - or someone else with the campaign - told the Washington Post that everything is cool because they reported TO THE SENATE as "independent expenditures". As I posted here (http://arizonaspolitics.blogsp..., there ARE no filings WITH THE FEC - which is where it SHOULD be filed.


Uh ... how do you know he spent any campaign funds making this video? Do you know whether or not the band's performance was an in-kind donation? Do you know whether or not they paid a professional videographer or whether they produced it in-house? Do you know anything that would make your comments not libelous? Or do you just not give a damn and will take any and every opportunity to trash Glassman?

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

Hey moron, did you watch the WHOLE video? It was "paid for by Rodney Glassman for US, in other words, it is a fully funded campaign video, paid for with campaign funds. Luckily, I didn't have to sit through it, I just fast forwarded to the end, before I poured bleach in my eyes and shattered my eardrums with a pencil. Your question about whether they used a "professional" to shoot and edit this? The answer is quite obviously NO. They may have hired someone, but if that person is representing themselves as a "professional", they need to be sued for false advertising. As for the charge of "libel"? It's not libel if it's true, and the only thing possibly untrue about these claims is that he might not have been harsh enough in his critique. This video is the biggest piece of garbage I've ever seen in my life, harder to sit through than Hannah Montana and Spice World as a double feature.

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

Hey, any time I can point out the obvious to a total moron is a good day for me!! ;-) I did find it ironic that his screen name is RespectfulOpposition, considering the tone and false accusations in his post.

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