Father of Latest Murdered ASU Student Offers Killer's Accomplice Deal

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Zachary Marco
No suspects are in custody for the murder of the latest Arizona State University student killed in Tempe and the father of the victim appeared on KPHO last night to offer a deal to the accomplice of the man who murdered his son.

In an almost-as-bad-ass-as-Mel-Gibson-in-Ransom moment, Dan Marco, a criminal defense attorney and father of Zachary Marco -- the ASU student murdered near the university's Tempe campus over the weekend -- took to the airwaves to offer the accomplice of his son's killer the best defense possible if he turns in the person who pulled the trigger.

"What I offer to him is that if he comes forward, I will do my best to ensure that he gets the best defense possible and gets a deal that ensures that he sees the light of day again," Marco said in a live interview last night.

"One characteristic [criminals] all share is that they think they're smarter than the police," he continued. "The prisons and the execution chambers are filled with all these smart people. They're not as smart as they think they are."

Marco says following his son's murder, he doesn't know if he'll be able to represent accused criminals in the courtroom.

Zachary Marco, a third-year political science major with aspirations of going to law school, was murdered on Sunday night as he walked home from the ASU library.

Police believe he was approached by two men, who wanted his laptop and cellphone.

Despite growing criticism of how the Tempe Police Department is handling murder investigations, Marco says he's satisfied with the investigation.

"They have leads," he said in the interview. "They're working very hard. There are 12 detectives on it, that I'm aware of. I have full faith and confidence in the Tempe Police Department to do their job."

See the interview here.

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Bettycalter1956 Net
Bettycalter1956 Net

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And This For What
And This For What

The death of young Zachary is tragically needless. The offer by Marco the elder is awfully bizarre. But, hey, this is Maricopa in the 21st. Century.


Good luck, Mr. Marco. You have the support of the citizens of Tempe behind you.

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