Cat Dead, Dog Injured in Phoenix Arson Fire. Humans OK

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A cat is dead and a family dog is seriously injured following a Phoenix house fire police suspect is arson.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, about 1 a.m. yesterday, officers were called to 3300 West Dunlap Avenue where there had been an apartment fire.

Police found two adult victims and two children who had narrowly escaped the inferno without injury.

The family's cat and dog weren't so lucky -- police say the cat was killed in the fire, and the dog suffered serious injuries.

The fire was started, police say, by a group of three unidentified black men, all in their mid-20s, who threw several Molotov cocktails into the apartment.

The suspects still are on the loose.

The apartment building suffered serious damage, police say, and a motive for the crime is not yet known.

Arson detectives from the Phoenix Fire Department are investigating the fire.

Anyone with information regarding the fire is asked to call Phoenix Police. You can remain anonymous by calling Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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Meanwhile, 4300 babies were aborted in the United States today. Why on earth do folks care so much about animals.

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