Border Agents Find 22 Pounds of Heroin in Truck Engine

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We don't claim to be well-versed in the black tar heroin trade, but a pound of heroin seems like a lot. That said, 22 pounds of heroin seems like a shit load -- and that's exactly how much of it border agents found in the engine of a pickup truck that tried to cross into the United States near Yuma yesterday.

Border Patrol agents at the Wellton Checkpoint on Interstate 8 had a pickup truck roll through yesterday, which -- upon initial inspection -- drew the attention of a drug dog searching the vehicle.

On the dog's hunch, agents ordered the driver of the truck to submit to further inspection.

Agents dissected the truck and found several packages full of black tar heroin hidden in the engine.

Agents say the 22 pounds of heroin has an estimated street value of about $1.7 million. The drug cartels won't see any of that money because the heroin was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency, where it will likely be destroyed.

The driver of the truck was also turned over to the DEA.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I have to wonder where twenty two pounds of anything could be hidden in an engine, literally. Perhaps the engine compartment? Or perhaps they removed the oil pan and ran the truck without oil... just not making sense..

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