Blogosphere Erupts With Minor News That John McCain Says He Won't Endorse Sarah Palin's Officially Unofficial 2012 Presidential Bid...Yet

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The Mav
It's only 2010, and Sarah Palin hasn't said whether she'll be running for president in 2012, but all indications suggest she will (you don't quit your gig as governor of Alaska and travel around the country lending teabaggers a wink and a 'you betchya' for nothing).

But Arizona Senator John McCain isn't joining team Palin just yet.

A senator in the middle of his own campaign not endorsing the unofficial campaign of a potential presidential candidate -- for a race that's two years away -- isn't exactly huge news. But the blogosphere went nuts -- just search for John McCain in Google news and see for yourself.

McCain appeared on the CBS Early Show this morning to discuss the presumed Republican takeover of Congress. Palin's probable presidential candidacy came up, and The Maverick didn't exactly give his former running mate the tip of the cap she's probably hoping for.

"I'm very grateful for all the things she's done to invigorate our party," McCain said. "But I think it's very early to start picking winners and losers."

McCain said Palin would be an "outstanding candidate," but he declined to immediately jump on board with her currently unofficial campaign.

After McCain mops the floor with Rodney Glassman, his Democratic opponent in this year's election, the speculation from political junkies over who The Mav will endorse to be the GOP presidential nominee will really get kickin'.

Palin is a probable candidate to get McCain's nod, but we can't rule out Mitt Romney, McCain's former political foe, who's also rumored to be seeking another run at the White House.

The two hashed it out in the 2008 GOP presidential primary but it seems they've mended fences since. Romney even came to Arizona to stump for McCain during the GOP Senate primary, when former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth threatened to unseat McCain as the Republican nominee.

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It's so said how the so called journalist who wrote this piece can't find it in themselves to tell the truth and if you gonna quote McCain try writing exactly what he said you jackass.....he said its too early for that and that he knows that she would not want him to endorse her before she has even made a decision to run .....get it right liberal hating JACKASS!!!!!

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

"you liberal hating JACKASS!!!!!"

Wow, Herb. You call Mr. King a Jackass who hates liberals? Just because you don't care of his quoting of Mr. McCain. Interesting...

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

The next press release from MCSO will imply that palin met with the Flaccid Fool to inform him she would be calling on him to run on the ticket with her in 2012. Not a bad idea, really. We get rid of the FF and the country gives palin clear direction on what they will stand for. Lt. Lee, is that what they really were chatting about?

Gulper one cares...

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