Arizona Cardinals' Luck Comes to an End; Crushed by San Diego Chargers

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Just when we thought the Arizona Diamondbacks and Jan Brewer were the most embarrassing things about living in Arizona, the Arizona Cardinals went ahead and played a game of football with the San Diego Chargers yesterday.

The Cards got crushed.

The 41-10 loss was testament to everything the Cards have been doing wrong all season.

Let's start with penalties (we'll get to Derek Anderson later).

To open the game, the Cards orchestrated a decent drive to get the team into scoring position.

Tim Hightower broke free at the Chargers 22-yard-line and was off to the races. Hightower scored easily but -- like in several other instances this season -- the touchdown was called back because of a holding penalty on full back Reagan Maui'a.

On the very next play, Anderson threw the ball into triple coverage while trying to hit Larry Fitzgerald on the 11-yard-line. It was intercepted and the high-powered Charger offense scored easily.

Penalties only cost the Cards 34 yards yesterday -- a vast improvement from previous weeks where that number was in the 70s and even broke 100 against the Atlanta Falcons.

As for defense: the Cardinals' probably could have been replaced with the team's cheerleaders and nobody would have known the difference. The defense was atrocious.

The Chargers have netted the most yards of any team so far this season and they didn't slow down against the Cards.

The Chargers moved the ball 239 yards in the air, which was only half the problem. They also moved the ball -- easily -- on the ground for 180 yards against a helpless Cardinals' defense.

The Chargers got 419 total yards in the game. The Cardinals didn't quite match up -- they got 124.

The Cardinals offense worthless once again, starting -- as usual -- with quarterback Derek Anderson.

Anderson could barely hit Larry Fitzgerald in the first three games of the season and nothing's changed.

Anderson and Fitzgerald hooked up a few times in the opening drive but in each instance the ball was under-thrown. Fitzgerald caught most of the balls but only because he's awesome, not because they were well thrown.

"I know we missed some opportunities in the first half," Coach Ken Whisenhunt
said after the game. "It's a tough environment. When they got the lead they were able
to pin their ears back and come after us."

After a few more awful drives -- complete with Anderson under-throwing, or flat out missing, his receivers, Whisenhunt replaced him with rookie Max Hall.

Hall wasn't much better -- thanks, in part, to a less-than-stellar offensive line.

Hall got sacked six times and lost a fumble.

When he wasn't finding himself on the turf within seconds of the snap, Hall led the offense to only 82 yards and no touchdowns.

Now, the Cardinals got themselves a good ol' fashion quarterback controversy.

With Whisenhunt's decision to kick Matt Leinart to the curb -- prior to the start of the season -- and go with Anderson, the team is invested in Anderson. Unfortunately, he sucks.
"I feel bad for DA, because unfortunately he has to take the fall for a lot of other things, other players, some guys not playing up to the standard that we have set around here," Fitzgerald said after the game.

Things get even worse for the Cards next week. On Sunday, the team will host the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. Who will be throwing the football for the Cardinals is yet to be decided.

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Mike, I think you're still living in 2002. Ever since they built the new stadium they have been spending money, and wisely for the most part. The farm team label doesn't stick like it used to. Would you honestly pay Karlos Dansby to be highest paid linebacker in the NFL? A guy who never made a Pro Bowl and never made a significant impact. He was solid, but not elite. What about Antrel Rolle? The highest paid safety in the game. That's a joke! The guy was out of position more times than not. He was great when he had the ball in his hands but was getting burned more times than not. He got toasted in the playoff game agains the Packers in overtime. The Cards were lucky that Rodgers overthrew Jennings. I don't recall their most important player of the last 5 years being let go. Kurt Warner retired.

Again, I'm sorry you got you hopes up this year. But realistically, there was nothing to get excited about. Beating the Rams and Raiders...big deal. I'm not going to argue my point anymore becuase neither of us will agree. I do have to say your sentiment speaks to most "fans" in this town and won't be erased until they put together more winning seasons. That's how most PHX sports fans view this team. I just think people need to look deeper and realize that these aren't the same old Cardinals under this regime.


I think the problem is that the Chargers themselves are constantly underrated, overlooked by most and for good reason. They tend to start slow, and finish terribly in post season. But, in between, when they DO produce, look out. The Cards had their chance early in the game, and lost it. That was all it took for the chargers to bust open that game like a pinata. If the Cards want a chance this season, they'd best learn from their mistakes, and play to their potential. I'd also be looking to change OFF/DEF coordinators, I mean, talk about sleeping at the wheel.



Let me make this a little simpler for you. They are in transition from the last two winning seasons. There was a significant loss of talent and new starters this year. I don't consider consecutive losing seasons of the past to be transition years. You have to be transitioning from something to another. Back then it was losing seasons after losing season. Look, I'm not a Cardinals apologist but I have been a season ticket holder for a long time and I don't need a history lesson from you. However, I saw this coming from a mile away and anyone who didn't clearly wasn't paying attention.

Anytime the Cardinals lose the same jokers with the same stupid lines come out. And, how exactly did they get everyone's hopes up this year? What was so encouraging from the first three games that got everyone so down this week?

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Just like the Raiders beat the Cards last week. Everybody knows it. And the Raiders, being a bit sympathetic to the man who needed a home for his family. Decided to lose intentionally by 1 pt. But in hindsight, Raiders were better than the Cards.


Same old Zippy. Seriously, that is the most tired statement over the last two decades. Teams go in transition. Any reasonable-minded Cardinals fan knew that this was going to be a tough year. Thank you for making those corrections "lamsupreme." I don't know why this paper includes sports articles.


Max Hall was 8/14, 82 yards, no INT's.

Anderson had 64 yards on 7/14 passing with 2 INT's.

Just an FYI as your article says: When he wasn't finding himself on the turf within seconds of the snap, Hall led the offense to only 64 yards with two interceptions.--> which is wrong.


same old Cardinals. Not ready for prime time.


i only come out when the Cards stunk up the joint. IOW, pretty much every week. They suck. It's easy to blame the Bidwills, but that's only because it's appropriate.

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

There is a significant loss of talent any time they get any. The Cards are nothing but a farm team for the rest of the league. Anyone who is decent is gone within a year or two, and suddenly popping up on the ESPN highlight reels 3 or 4 times a season.

Until the team gets some real ownership, this is going to be the norm.

As for what the Cards did this year to get everyone's hopes up? It's the same thing they've done almost every season; they actually show up for a few games, get everyone's hopes up that maybe this is "the year", and then proceed to dash those hopes against a rocky cliff.They even did this their SuperBowl season, they came out of the gate like crazy, then almost didn't make it by blowing 4 of their final 6 to end up just 1 game over .500, as I mentioned before.

The reason these same "jokers" have the same "stupid lines" is because the Cardinals have never proven them any different. You need more than 2 winning seasons to have any respect, let alone be able to justify a "transition"...

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

Well this team has been "in transition" for longer than they've been in Az... So far they've had ONE decent season, and they played that in their usual style, get everyone's hopes up and then crash and burn. I'm still not sure how they made it to the SuperBowl, they lost 4 of their final 6 games, typical of this so called "transition" team.

Before 2008 they had ONE winning season in AZ, back in '98. Besides that, they had TWO .500 seasons. That's it. Hell, in '08, they were only 1 game over .500. Last year is their first serious season, and now they're already "in transition"? Are you serious? This team is 130-220 since coming to Az in '88.


grape koolaid is the tastiest.

James King
James King

Thanks for the heads up. Read the wrong line on the stats sheet.

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