Another Police Shooting; Mesa Cops Shoot Suicidal Man

For the second time this week, and the third time in a week, a man is dead after being shot by police.

This shooting sounds a little more justified than the one that happened on Tuesday. In other words, this guy presented a threat to police and no dogs were shot. If you're unfamiliar with that case, click here.

Mesa cops fatally shot a suicidal man last night after the guy pointed a gun at officers during a standoff with police.

Police got a call to a home in the 700 block of West Farmdale Drive. When they got to the scene, they found the suicidal man with a gun.

While talking with police, the man repeatedly pointed a gun at officers.

Police first shot him with bean bags. That didn't do the trick -- the guy continued to point his gun at officers, so they shot him with rubber bullets. The rubber bullets weren't enough, either.

After continuing to point his gun at police, officers shot him with real bullets. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

This is the second time a Mesa police officer has shot someone threatening suicide in the last week.

In another case, a suicidal man with a machete attacked an officer. He was shot by another cop before he was able to hit the officer.

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The man last night should not have been shot, this story does not report that each time he was shot with something other than real bullits he went back in the house for a while, this whole thing went on from a little after 8pm tell 12:30am. I really dont think the man would have shot himself, or he would have done it durring that time, I don't even think this man would have shot at the cops, if they would have used the rubber bullets again and let the k-9 loose at the same time I think they could have gotten him without killing him. I think the cops just got impatient. And for all that may be asking this man was white.


Hey James- You forgot to mention, how brown was the victim? I am assuming the guy was non-white, because if Mesa cops shot a white guy it would be the "man bites dog" story of the year.


Then there was the case a few years ago about the mentally disturbed teenager who threatened the police with a screwdriver. I believe they counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 bullet holes in him.

Douglas Hotchkiss
Douglas Hotchkiss

this is your brain on america-all over the planet actually..and theres much more to come


Mistalee, I can assure you that the Mesa police do not discriminate in whom they are willing to shoot...Cole Ravel, killed this past week in Mesa, was as white as they come. It's a question of having training and perhaps the public funds to train officers to handle these things. Remember that when you vote for those who vote to cut taxes that fund such things!

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