Woman From Sells, Arizona Facing DUI, Negligent Homicide Charges In Death Of Border Agent

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If you needed a reminder not to drink and drive this holiday weekend ...

A 40-year-old woman from Sells, Arizona is facing negligent homicide, criminal damage and driving under the influence charges in connection with the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Cops said that based on field sobriety tests, it appears Angela Mata was under the influence of alcohol during the time of the accident.
The Tohono O'odham police say that Mata was driving alone in her vehicle Thursday morning along a dirt road on the reservation, about seven miles north of the U.S. border. She was coming up on Federal Route 19, but failed to stop, crashed into a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle and caused it to roll off of the road, cops said.

The fatally injured agent's name hasn't been released. Mata's injuries were not life threatening injuries.

Joseph Delgado, Chief of the Tohono O'odham Police Department, said he hopes this incident serves as a "wake-up call to everyone."

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Surprise. Another drunk injun. Give the brown people fire-water and watch them fuck their lives up.


what she will get tells in the story "she was on the reservation. " is this the tribal police and courts going to handle this one?

keep us posted I got bets on this one. when the country stops protecting american indians only then will things change. people so upset the illegals 'using the money here" look at the amount of money handed over to american indians, they are the real blood suckers fo society and what do they contribute?


Sovereignty...gotta love it. After the US annihilated 14 million "Inguns", Federal law was absent. She deserves manslaughter but you've been watching too much True Blood and Twilight episodes with your blood suckers comment. The Feds will do their jobs, that's why WE pay their salary.

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