The Arizona Republic Wants You to Help Celebrate Sky Harbor International Airport's 75th Anniversary

Granted, it's a slower-than-usual news day. But we didn't realize just how slow it actually was until we looked at the home page of this afternoon and saw that the Arizona Republic is asking readers to "share your memories" to celebrate Sky Harbor International Airport's 75th anniversary.

Our initial thought was "it's just an airport." After reading the article, we thought "it's still just an airport."

Call us cynics, but to us airports don't hold much nostalgic value. Rather, they represent little more than sheer frustration, anxiousness, and boredom.

Think about it, have you ever been in an airport and wanted to be there?

The whole reason you go to an airport is so you can get on a plane and leave the airport. It's not a destination.

One of the Republic's readers seems to share our "who cares" attitude.

The newspaper asked readers to complete the sentence "I remember Sky Harbor...".

Check out some of the responses from "Toddstallion1" below:

"I remember when I was living out of town and I came back to visit and I had to pay a humongous tax at the car rental facility for professional sports teams."

"I remember when the airport management took vacations around the world to "inspect" other airports."

"I remember when they built a Billion dollar train to go a half mile to the airport."

The "memories" will be published in the October 3, Viewpoints.

If you happen to care that the airport is turning 75 years old, click here and submit your memories.

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Hot Rod Lincoln
Hot Rod Lincoln

Goddamn it, are we supposed to buy it a cake or stop speeding through it at rush hour ? Make up your mind, will ya !!!

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man, this article had me cracking up. And that classic picture of Gary to go with it, was so fucking funny. It was a good one though.

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