Arizona Republic Talks About Jan Brewer's Mentally Ill Son. Where's the Outrage, Terry Goddard?

Perhaps Terry Goddard didn't take a gander at the front page of the Republic this morning.
Earlier this month, New Times ran a story about Jan Brewer's criminally insane son, questioning why his criminal record was sealed just days before his mother was sworn in as governor.

Jan's opponent in the governor's race, Attorney General Terry Goddard, pretended he didn't like it.

Within hours of the article's publication, Goddard's campaign issued a press release condemning New Times for writing about Brewer's son.

Today, splashed across the front page of Arizona's largest newspaper, the Arizona Republic, are the words "Son's Woes Shaped Brewer Career."

Where's the outrage, Terry?

Goddard campaign spokesman Jeanine L'Ecuyer tells New Times we shouldn't be expecting a press release "condemning" the Republic for its story.

"The point's been made," she says. "There's no reason to bring it up again."

We might agree if Goddard didn't call us out by name in his condemnation of writing about a candidate's family. See what Goddard had to say about us below.

"The New Times post about Governor Brewer's son is both unfair and inappropriate . Her son is not running for governor. Families should never be subjected to attack, just because they are related to political candidates."

Our article about the matter wasn't an attack on Brewer's son, though it was more direct than the Republic's polite dance around the issue. But the Republic's story still brings up Brewer's son, who Goddard himself pointed out "is not running for governor."

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There is always something with Jan Brewer. She passes controversial bills, is afraid of debate and now this issue with her son. This state is doomed if she gets elected. She is only leading in the polls because she gives the angry, misguided, fearful, racist Tea party mob everything they want.

what goes around comes around
what goes around comes around

well mr g is right but it maKES ME think that the governor is saying that illigals do kidnaping's i guees u dont have to be illigal to kidnap some one like jan brewer son did lol thats funy


Terry Goddard has Mr. Oliver on his staff, Oliver had to answer questions to a Detroit Police Dept. about a stripper that was shot to death back in 2004. Mr. Oliver also tried to board a plane at Detroit Metro Airport with a loaded revolver about 2004.

Good By Terry.

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