Suspect Sketch Released in Mesa Acid Attack; Cops Still Looking for Female Attacker

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Police on Tuesday released a sketch of the woman suspected of throwing acid on another woman in Mesa last week.

​Mesa police released a sketch of the woman suspected of throwing acid on another woman last week. The attack left the victim with burns on her face and chest, and came a couple of days after an acid attack in Vancouver.

The Mesa victim, Derri Velarde, told CBS News last week that after she pulled up in the driveway of her home near Val Vista Drive and Southern Avenue, the suspect walked up with what looked like a glass of water and threw the liquid in her face.

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Derri Velarde, a mother of five splashed with acid last week, talked to CBS News from her hospital bed
"It just instantly was like fire. It started burning intensely, instantly," she told CBS News from her hospital bed.

Velarde was left with severe burns on her face and neck, and along her arms.

The incident ... was eerily similar to one that occurred Monday in Vancouver, Washington, in which 28-year-old Bethany Storro was also attacked as she left her car. Again it was a female stranger throwing acid.

Acid attacks have been a violent trend in Asia and other parts of the world, and not unknown in the United States. Americans are far more likely to attack with firearms -- to much more deadly effect -- than beakers full of acid.

Yet it would be wrong to think of acid as the kinder, gentler weapon of choice. Acid symbolizes the unbridled hate of the attacker, and a desire to hurt the victim in a way that's both vicious and intensely personal. Our vengeful side wants to see acid attackers sent to prison for so long that their faces change even more radically than those of their victims.

If you know the identity of the person in the sketch, Mesa police would like you to call them.

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"Pretty" grusome. That's quite ruthless. I'm wondering how they are getting their hands on acids? Could it possibly be made from household cleaning agents? From bleach, to drano, and fertalizers etc? Mixing of these dangerous chemical solutions, is reminiscent towards cooking up meth in one's own home. I think acid attacks will be popular among bad girls, seeking revenge one way or another. Its probably best to wear your glasses or shades at all times, while outside as a female. You just might save your eyesight.


draino is enough on its own.

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