Sept. 22 In BlogS: Vinlanders, Oktoberfest, Scott Weiland, Eggs Benedict, and Jules Loh

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call me, paul
call me, paul

paul ruben is word smith for sure, he takes quotes, uses what he wants, changes the context and prints his opinions, regardless on the WHOLE story. Its not about the truth, right or wrong, it's about what PAUL RUBEN wants it to look like.Paul needs a story, so he'll keeping twisting shit tell he gets it to go pauls way, never mind printing the ENTIRE explaination, quote, or statement from the retired medical examiner who wrote paul an email stating the injury was consistant with a shot from significant distance. Forgot to put that one in the story, didnt you paul. I know one thing, your dirty! liar liar, story by a liar.

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