Rodney Glassman Recycles J.D. Hayworth's Recycled Ad With Geriatrics Hatin' on John McCain

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John McCain's opponent J.D Hayworth. Oops! We mean Rodney Glassman
U.S. Senate candidate Rodney Glassman released a new Web ad today and it might be fairly persuasive if we hadn't seen an identical ad -- literally identical -- from J.D. Hayworth during the GOP primary.

The ad, titled "McCain VS Arizona," features McCain fumbling over his words when asked what he's done for Arizona. Then, it shows a bunch of old people grumbling that they can't remember a single thing McCain's ever done.

Again, it is literally the exact same footage Hayworth used in two of his campaign ads.

Check them out after the jump.

Below is an ad Hayworth released during his campaign:

He went on to recycle the footage of the old folks in another ad later in his campaign. Check it out here.

Rodney Glassman has taken the exact same ad, thrown his name at the end, and posted it on Youtube. Check it out below.

We called Glassman's campaign to see if they're planning on giving J.D. production credit for the new ad. Nobody got back to us.

Anyhow, smooth move taking political cues from J.D. Hayworth, Rodney. We all saw how J.D.'s political prowess paid off in the GOP primary. Our only question now is how does Rodney feel about man/ horse nuptials.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It didn't work for J.D., why would Glassman think it might work for him? Because, like J.D. (now retired from politics), he is a dunderhead of elephant proportions.

Sick and Tired
Sick and Tired

Rodney... I never though possible, but you have stolen an idiot's intellectual property.


Fine with me.. whatever it takes.. this is an issue because....???

Dennis Gilman
Dennis Gilman

Glassman is an ass. He deserves to be sued. If I owned any of that footage I would certainly sue the rich lil republican pretending to be a dem in a heartbeat. YUCK! What a loser. I cannot beleive he is that uncreative.


That would make it a petty theft

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