Rodney Glassman: Put Off "Largest Middle-Class Tax Increase in History"

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Rodney Glassman, the young, rich, Democrat running for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican John McCain, loves the tax cuts put into place by former President George W. Bush.

It's surprising to hear any Dem praising a move by Bush, who still gets the credit by President Obama for today's bad economy.

But Glassman uses the pro-Bush stance to batter his opponent, who's painted in Glassman's latest news release as a hypocrite for telling Fox News over the weekend that it would be "class warfare" to pit the middle-class cut against a different tax cut for wealthy people.


"John McCain actually threw himself under the proverbial bus," said Blake Morlock, communications director for Glassman's campaign. "It makes one wonder what positions he will take the next time political winds change. He's apparently capable of shape-shifting at will."

A good point, to be sure. Glassman goes on to say that the looming end for the middle-class tax cuts "would constitute the largest middle-class tax increase in U.S. history."

But business owners and middle-class-types shouldn't begin making long-term financial plans based on the hope that Glassman's election means a permanent tax cut. The Democrat makes it clear that he'd foist this record-setting "tax increase," as he calls it, on the middle class as soon as he thinks they can stomach it:

"I oppose John McCain's tax hike on struggling middle-class families," Glassman said. "I would like to see all the tax cuts extended until the economy recovers, but if I have to choose between people like John McCain and me keeping our tax cuts or middle-class families keeping theirs? I choose the middle class."

If only Glassman committed to keeping that tax increase off the backs of the middle class forever, he might actually draw some of those fiscal-conservative votes -- heck, maybe even Tea Party votes -- from McCain.

But, then, that would require him to commit to something.

UPDATE: We take back every bad word we ever said about Glassman -- or at least, the words above about his aversion to commitment. It turns out that Glassman did commit to making the tax increase permanent. See our latest blog post on the issue.

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Glassman if you want to beat McCain, you have to come out swinging! Tax cuts, who cares! Just the Rich or what's left on the Rich Man's Tree of "Divine Providence." You have to get out to West Phoenix, South Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, SW Phoenix, Buckeye, Goodyear, Avondale. Treat McCain like a basketball court, and bring the ball up side, center, side, center! That's the only way to beat McCain. 191,000 ballot voters can get a Ken Bennett "broom" and be woooshed away to some deserted Church that now sells Chicken. What has John McCain done for Arizona lately? Why didn't the Bush Administration "Secure the Border" in eight years? Why is it Obama's fault at TEAM GOP Border Beat for "Federal Dollars?" Why did you sponsor "Z" immigrants and then flip flop on the issue! What was the GOP endgame when it came to those 11 million plus immigrants. What is a "ATTESTATION?" What! When! How! Did we get here if you said to the American people "The American Economy is strong, Job Creation is on the Rise?" Did you just "turn the GOP page and read George Bush's speech word for word." How did unemployment get to 10% in 2008 in Arizona prior to the GOP Theft by Deception Axis of Evil Doers 700 Billion Dollar "The American Economy is strong, Job Creation is on the Rise....The GOP has a Dream Speech. You gotta bring it to this old crusty, dusty, Colo Solo Panama Canal Zone, (birthers) 1936 so called American naturalized SOIL TEAM GOP Cheerleader. Why didn't McCain balk on TEAM GOP in own state relating to proving your "citizenship" before getting on their "First Things First" theft by deception STATE legislative agenda. Where was McCain 21 months after losing the election to President Barack Obama on while walking, talking, SB1070 hispanic, latino, mexican born american alike at those "crime suppression sweeps" or "single site operations" fueld by TEAM GOP over the past eight year Border BEAT for Federal Dollars! Why lose to John McCain, 20,000,000 Million Dollars later! Get McCain on the Arizona Economy as it weighs on the American Economy. Get McCain on SB1070 and when he says It's Obama's fault for not securing the Border. What about 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08! Get McCain on Section 1070 and it's HIGH IIMPACT on Arizona in the eyes of America.


Glassman Speaks! Walk softly with a Republican Stick! It's not up to him. It's up to President Obama to either let it roll of his shoulder and America wakes up and deals with it. Or President Obama wakes up and allows for some room for the bottom 2%. 98 Percent of America should wake up the same day President Obama wakes up on January 1 and deal with it. What are the Republicans offering you! Same game, Valerie Plame blame games! Treason! Wiretaps! Emails! "QWEST?" It should not be hard to talk about taxes when it comes to either being a Republican or a Democrat. Reality is reality. Just wake up January 1, and deal with it! Walk softly with a Republican Stick! It's not up to McCain! It's what the Commander and Chief deems necessary not TEAM GOP post Bush/Cheney's Theft by Deception Axis of Evil Doers left on Capitol Hill! You gotta Deal with It!


You guys are simply absurd. I guess you really want McCain to win, since your boy Dougherty got defeated.All you do is take cheap shots, even with something as benign as a press release last week on a debate being set between Glassman and the Geezer.And, for the record, Glassman opposes SB 1070, and said so many times on the primary campaign trail.You guys don't want to give him any acknowledgement or praise for anything.You perform a great disservice to the reading public, and are a disgrace to great indie newspapers everywhere.


This guy seems slimier than even JD Hayworth. I really wish the Dems had put up a valid candidate. Looks like a "none of the above" vote for me.


Your "none of the above" vote translates to a vote for John McCain. If that's what you wish to do, then so be it. I support Rodney for many reasons, but even if that was not the case, would vote for him because I definitely think he is the better choice for Arizona than John McCain.

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