Oakland Raiders Fans in Prime Form at Cardinals Game; 49 People Ejected, 20 Arrested at U of P Stadium

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Twenty people were arrested and 49 others ejected from Sunday's football game at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Most were Raiders fans, according to posts on a football Web forum.

​Oakland Raiders followers lived up to their reputation on Sunday as some of the rowdiest punks in football fandom.


Hyped-up fans, rivers of booze, and a nail-biting game between the Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders led police to eject 49 people from the University of Phoenix stadium and arrest 20 others.

The Cards won the game by one point, as we reported earlier today

Fourteen of the arrests were for juvenile liquor violations, says Sergeant Brent Coombs of the Glendale Police Department. Coombs wasn't sure whether the underage suspects had purchased their alcohol at the stadium, but noted that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to have alcohol in their bloodstream.

Of the remaining folks arrested: Two people were accused of disorderly conduct, one had an outstanding warrant; one was accused of assaulting a police officer; and one was suspected of selling illegal football merchandise.

Most of the 49 documented ejections were for public intoxication, Coombs says.

Commenters on an Arizona Cardinals Web forum claim the problems stemmed mainly from Raiders fans. Um, hard to believe.

One commenter, Booman141, writes:

The Raider fans in our section were horrible they spent more time yelling profanities and flipping the bird to the fans than watching the game.

I made one trip to the bathroom and 1 consession run and on both occasions I saw Raider fans getting in Cardinal fans faces and flipping them off.

I could go on and on but like I told the people around me; 'these guys make Cowboy and Niner fans look like saints' and I dont say that lightly. Seriously they were that bad. I counted and 5 Raider fans were ejected from my section in the first half alone.

The guy who sits in front of me is an elderly gentleman who comes to the games with his wife (has been a STH for 10 years) and he made a trip to the bathroom and came back visibly shaken and told his wife; "Cmon we're leaving" during the 2nd quarter.

I dont understand spending money so you can come to a game and start fights and get arrested. It makes no sense. What a life? Get a life?

So in other words the Raider fans are the worst I have ever seen by far without question. Completely and totally pathetic scum.

Another fan, Billy Baroo, says:

The only lesson I learned from them is how to get thrown out of the stadium and put in jail for resisting arrest. I watched about a dozen of them get tossed from section 419. Biggest group of losers I've seen in a long time.

Raiders fans are not even close to what they used to be. Most of the emphasis seems to be on Halloween costumes and acting like a gangster. They spend most of the game making trips to the concession stand.

From "Darth Llama:"

We can really learn a lesson on how not to conduct ourselves as fans from watching them. A fan base should try and be a positive reflection on the team they support, but the Raider fans are anything but. There were a lot of them there today, and every one of them was drunk, loud and should have been kicked out. Even with Cowboy fans, at the end of the game, there are handshakes and "we'll get you next time," not with these guys. It was like they were all looking for any reason they could to start a fight, it was embarrassing for their franchise. I honestly hope that we don't host these guys again anytime soon. I wish that teams would step up to the Raiders and get them to try and do something as an organization to clean up their fan base. When the Raiders are in town, the game experience takes a huge downward spiral, it's really disgusting.

Sorry to any Raider fans that have posted on here, a few of you have been pretty cool and classy, but to you guys, it's time to find another team. I know you like to think that those guys are the minority, but they're not, they're the bulk of your fan base, and if I was a Raider fan, I would look for another team. Raider Nation is the bottom feeding parasite of the NFL fan world, and they are an embarrassment to the NFL in general.

Yeah, but they buy a lot of beer.


(Tip of the hat to www.scottsdalearizonanews.com, which first reported the arrests and ejections).

UPDATE: Coombs got back to us on Tuesday morning (9-28) to report that the number of ejections on Sunday's game was only a little higher than average. And the arrests -- average, he says: "Some games there are more, some less." Sheesh -- that's not good for the Raider Nation's image, is it?

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You guys are exaggerating hard a s s hell. I was also at the game and it felt pretty safe to me and controlled b/c the cops had that place on lockdown. After the game there was some business going on but that's b/c all the Raiders fans are drunk by then and can't control themselves. If you want to see scary go to a Raiders game while the Chargers are in town back in the O. Now that's scary I don't feel safe at those games but Raiders-Cards come on now.


I saw several fights in the stands and a few Raiders fans being led away in cuffs during the game, but the real action was in the parking lot afterwards. Walking back to my car with my girlfriend, both of us wearing cardinal red, we were repeatedly yelled at by roaming groups of drunk Raiders fans--not in a "sportsmanlike" way but instead commenting on my girlfriend and challenging me to fight. We were once physically surrounded by these idiots, and had to push our way through a bunch of fat wannabe gangsters with neck tattoos just to get to the car. Once we were in the car, there were multiple times where other Raiders fans walked by and banged on my car's hood for no apparent reason beyond the color of our clothes. There was no visible security, and the whole situation just felt unsafe. I'm a ticket holder from the Sun Devil Stadium days and certainly not a puritan--I know that NFL games can be pretty vulgar events--but this game was one of the least enjoyable from a fan perspective due to the trash wearing silver and black. This is without taking into account the Cardinals offense, too.


I was at the game and you are all over exaggerating. Stop the crying and enjoy the game


The Raider's fans in my section weren't out of control but I did see the police hauling them off regularly from other sections.

NFL football tends to attract a lot of low class folks but the Oakland ones looked like excellent examples of what happens if you lack an education and spend all your money on booze, dope and tattoos. The real shame was they seem to have mated with equally low life women which I think means my income taxes will be going up in the future to support the next generation of worthless trash.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

I am a Raiderz fan. And I certainly don't act like them. I think alot of that was just hogwash, from the Cards fans. Most Raiders fans there were well behaved. They just lumped every Raiderz into the same boat. But regardless, we're tough as steel.

As for yesterday's game, I firmly believed the last 2 kicks were a fluke and intentional. The Raiderz lost on purpose to make all the Raiderz fans disaapointed. They did this on purpose. We all know that the Raiderz truly won that game, had they not fluked intentionally. It was a sham.

Marc Maron
Marc Maron

Jesus fucking Christ, is it so fucking hard to use an 'S' instead of a 'Z'? What's the point? No abbreviation, no nothing. No single solid reason. Obviously you're a Raider fan because you spell like a 13 year old girl from the ghetto.


Marc....real classy but Jesus Fing Christ? So stupid.

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