Pinal County Man Arrested for Possession of Baking Soda -- That "Baking Soda" Was Actually Cocaine

Trying to tell your parents the cocaine they found in your room is baking soda might work. Trying to pass that cocaine off as baking soda to cops is another story.

A Pinal County man learned that lesson the hard way after cops found him in possession of the (ahem) baking soda.

On September 8, a narc concerned citizen called police to report suspected drug use at a house in the 300 block of West Alsdorf Road in Eloy.

Cops checked it out and found the unidentified suspect had a baggy full of white powder in his possession.

When the man was arrested, he tried to tell police the white, powdery substance was baking soda -- as if people walk around with small baggies of baking soda in their possession.

He was arrested.

In total, cops arrested four people at the house -- some for marijuana possession and others for outstanding warrants.

Cocaine possession isn't a small deal here in the Grand Canyon State so trying to pass it off as baking soda probably is worth a shot.

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Meth Moms of Maricopa Co.
Meth Moms of Maricopa Co.

I have a question... Given all of the moron tweekers there are in this pathetic hellhole, would it still be a felony to sell some Arm & Hammer to one of them for $20.00 ?

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