Morning Poll: Should the Arizona Cardinals Give Rookie Max Hall a Shot at Quarterback?

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Rookie QB Max Hall.
The Arizona Cardinals are coming off their third awful game of the season, which is bad news considering there have only been three games.

Quarterback Derek Anderson's received the brunt of the blame because, frankly, he's played terribly.

Anderson misses receivers, holds on to the ball too long in the pocket, and makes stupid passes.

In short, he's not living up to the Kurt Warner standard that was embedded into Matt Leinart -- whom the team kicked to the curb before the season started.

This morning, Arizona Republic sports columnist Dan Bickley makes the argument that coach Ken Whisenhunt should bench Anderson and give rookie quarterback Max Hall a shot at the starter job.

From Bickley's column:

They've worked hard to be this lucky. But if there's a lesson wafting from a malodorous 2-1 start, it's that the reigning NFC West champions better not push their good fortune. And that means a shift in quarterbacks immediately.

"Yeah, I feel like I could do it," backup quarterback Max Hall said. "I have a lot to improve on, and there's nothing that can prepare you for live bullets unless it's live bullets. But I feel comfortable with all the schemes and all the game plans we've put in. I feel I could run it all. It's just a matter of getting the opportunity."

Check out Bickley's entire column here.

We happen to agree with Bickley. There's no guarantee Hall would be any better than Anderson, but he can't be much worse. And, who knows, he might actually be good.

But we want to know what you think: Should the Cardinals give Hall a shot?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Do you trust the fed's audit of Joe Arpaio's jails?

- 14.81 percent say yes.

- 85.19 percent say no.

Here is your morning poll:

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Hall will not be any good. I have 99.9% history on my side when it comes to starting rookie QBs. For every Big Ben there are thousands of Halls and Leafs and what's his name who is the QB for Carolina — to say his name makes me want to vomit. This is not a Hollywood movie. Hall would be horrible. There is a reason why he wasn't drafted. He is no good. Get rid of Hall and get someone in line who can start learning the Cards style.


Max Hall is a fighter. He is a rookie and will make mistakes until the game slows down for him. I worry about playing a QB too early, as it can be extremely detrimental to their progress. But if there's anyone that can handle the pressure, it's Max. The kid flat out refuses to lose - a lot like some QB that used to play for the Cards.

Max, if you do get your shot, good luck buddy. We're all rooting for you. GO COUGS!

Cards fan
Cards fan

Obviously the Kurt Warner standard of excellence was not embedded in Matt Leinart, or he would still be here. That was an idiotic statement. Derek Anderson is going to continue to be the starter until they are out of contention. Thankfully, they are in an awful division that will keep them in play until the end of the season. Yes, I would like to see what Hall can do but it's not going to happen anytime soon. You really need to stick to the News James because Sports isn't your thing.

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