Morning Poll: Do You Believe Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy Louie Puroll's Story?

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Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy Louie Puroll
In New Times' feature this week, Pinalchio, we examine the shooting of Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy Louie Puroll.

Puroll claims he was shot by a group of Latino or Native American (he couldn't tell) drug smugglers in the desert just west of Casa Grande.

The shooting fueled the immigration debate, thrust Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu into the national spotlight, and made Puroll an instant hero.

One problem: after dissecting Puroll's account of what happened, and talking with a number of renowned forensic pathologists, the story doesn't add up.

The article examines several different theories as to what actually happened and the most likely seems to be that Puroll shot himself.

Read the entire article here.

We want to know what you think: do you believe Puroll's story?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Is Kevin Towers a good pick for Arizona Diamondbacks' general manager?

- 85.71 percent say yes.

- 14.29 percent say no.

Here is your morning poll:

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TK Major
TK Major

A further problem for Sheriff Paul Babeu is that his organization put out *other* grossly false claims about the incident, including the claim that a helicopter had been fired on.

This apparent hoax is sounding increasingly like a conspiracy, as well. A conspiracy presumably framed in order to gain more support for anti-immigrant demagoguing by opportunistic Arizona politicians for whom truth is an inconsequential and unnecessary detail.

Arizona out of control
Arizona out of control

Which raises questions about the death of the "rancher" while people were there "filming" for their campaign on the "immigration" issue. Now a nation inflamed with hatred, bigotry and diverting attention away from corruption and failures that Arizona is now "famous" for. CCA/Brewer/Sensemen/Coughlin---Pearce creating bills to sell ALL the "existing" state prisons and on and on. All helping themselves at the expense of the people, families, children, the mentally ill, women and other vulnerable groups. What a reign of terror!

Master of Mendacities
Master of Mendacities

Believe Deputy Puroll ? No, thank you. Only a renegade nut of a cop would go into the particular area this supposedly took place alone. Am I to believe from your story that Sheriff Babeu allowed that type of lonewolf police reconnaissance prior to this incident. I find that rather hard to believe as well.Jan Brewer may say the cartels use pimply faced kids to cargo dope into the country, but she is a profligate liar and a stooge who cares not about anything except packing her wrinkled up ass back to the governor's mansion, honesty be damned.Anyone in the business, especially a cop in the field, is going to know that these guys play for keeps. . With billions of $$$ in annual income, they will get it here in commercial vehicles, the kind that companies pay extra to the USA for expedited border entry, smiling their law abiding smile as they mule in a few hundred pounds of Meth and Marijuana. For the lower level smugglers who have to foot their load over... the collateral loss of a shipment here and there can not be tolerated. They know the new rules, that people will be watching more closely than ever before, many of the new observers will be racist vigilante booger eaters with 45s and 9s loaded with hollow point caps. There may also be "bandidos" out for a tidy hijacking in the desert. These people are committing crimes that pay fat but are quite perilous in execution. They might likely have their own ridge runners on look out too. But they will be heavily armed and unconcerned over killing some lame-ass cop. So Deputy Puroll, presented as a cop who knows his shit, and a sheriff who sure as hell should, and all their experience see nothing wrong with a 54 year old cop alone in the desert, three miles from his Tahoe, reconning for bad guys. I believe that story as much as I believe Hendershott makes decisions independent of Joe Arpaio. That Babeu, Puroll, Brewer, Arpaio, et al., contrive these stories for the sole purpose of opportunizing a transcendant social economic period and to get on the 5:00 news makes them the ones posing the true danger to us.The dope will get into this country no matter what you do. They all know this and if they don't then maybe I ought to be the fucking sheriff.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Even the vast majority of posters at ABC15's site(which is a hotbed for Shurf Arpayaso supporters, ironically) actually think that that Puroll incident was doctored up. And politically motivated. If the truth should ever come out of this, Sheriff Paul has a lot of explaining to do.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It appears Puroll scripted the incident from early in the day. Suffice to say, professional law enforcement officers DON'T act the way he did, from the first call to dispatch giving his gps coordinates. Only a fool might think this 'incident' went down the way he reported it.


Once again, Tommy, you can see through all these scam artists that control Arizona. This incident was like throwing gasoline on a fire. Now how is the damage undone that has spread nationwide?

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