Mesa Man Arrested for Beating Up His Grandmother and Girlfriend

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Robert Grazioso
A Mesa man shouldn't be expecting that stereotypical $5 birthday check from his grandmother this year. That's because he allegedly beat her up and stole her wallet last week.

According to the Mesa Police Department, 19-year-old Robert Grazioso was arrested Friday after he punched and kicked his live-in girlfriend.

Shortly after attacking the girlfriend, Grazioso set his sights on his grandma, punching and scratching her before stealing her wallet and taking off.

Grazioso, currently on probation for a different domestic-violence conviction involving his girlfriend, was found later in the day hiding in a closet at one of his friend's apartments.

Cops served a search warrant of the apartment and found the wallet Grazioso stole from his grandmother.

He was arrested on charges of suspicion of strong-armed robbery, aggravated domestic violence, and domestic violence assault.

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Super Filmizle
Super Filmizle

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Motor 2
Motor 2

Remedy is EASY .... jail / prison time with a few "large" men who respect women and love their grandmothers. ...........


I bet he is a tweaker!


What a man! Beating up women and then hiding in the closet.


His last name means "thankful." Ahh, irony.


A fine example of an addition to the family gene pool. DUDE: Just go jump off a bridge or tall building -- that will certainly improve the gene pool.

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