Meghan McCain May Not be an Idiot, But She Plays One -- Well -- on TV

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Meghan McCain's scandalous "tweet." Hubba-hubba.
If you know anything about Meghan McCain, the daughter of Senator John McCain, you might find it shocking that she was able to read write a book. Well, she did. And now she's hitting the TV airwaves to pimp the newly released tell-all about the 2008 presidential campaign.

Last night, Meggie-poo was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she continued to -- among other things -- spill the beans on her feelings about her pops' 2008 running mate, Sarah Palin.

"My initial reaction was 'who the hell is Sarah Palin?' Like everybody else" she told Leno, adding: "I remember being on stage and distinctly thinking, 'God, let her not have any skeletons in the closet.'"

That was the least-Lindsay-Lohan-like thing McCain said during the entire interview.

The rest of the discussion was about her dealing with being the daughter of a presidential candidate and how the campaign, and the Secret Service, didn't like her.

"Apparently I have 'stripper hair'," she says -- in a voice often used by women who, in fact, have "stripper hair."

McCain then addressed her less-than-sophisticated manner of speaking, saying style coaches told her to fix the way she speaks because "the octave of [her] voice -- it's like a valley girl."

She went on to say how she nearly overdosed on Xanax the night before the election and the title of her book, Dirty, Sexy Politics, was the suggestion of one of her boozed-up friends, who liked the fact that Meghan described the campaign as "dirty and sexy."

Check out a clip below. If your ditz-o-meter doesn't go off, it should.

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Silver spoon and a paper plate.


i would lover for her to show me her stripper moves

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

I will be adding her rack as a write-in on the November ballot.


First Bristol Palin and now Megan McCain, wow, Jay who will be on your shownext week? Probably the balloon boy's aunt.


"I've never done any prescription medications, ever..."

I guess...


Wow, and I was beginning to think that she'd finally fallen into the obscurity she deserves. Leno's easy to scam. Why'd you guys fall into her trap too?

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