Lisa Aubuchon's Media Defender: Anonymous, Naturally

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"All this poor woman did was try to prosecute criminals..."

The above line is taken from a ridiculous blog post published today on the pro-Andrew Thomas Web site, Sonoran Alliance, in reference to fired deputy county attorney Lisa Aubuchon.

The post uses a few words to create a fantasy world of missing facts, from which Aubuchon's action can then be defended.

And just who is Aubuchon's knight in electronic armor?

It's a trick question. No one would sign their name to that tripe. The writer behind this pro-Aubuchon, propagandistic drivel is anonymous, of course.

Anyone who's been following the freak show of county politics in the past two years knows that Aubuchon did much more than "try to prosecute criminals." She acted as former Maricopa County Attorney Thomas' field marshal, marching off to battle whichever high-profile case Thomas figured would give him political firepower.

Usually, the experienced prosecutor lost those cases.

The unnamed author doesn't say Word One about the damning, 63-page memo penned by a high-ranking deputy, Frank Munnell, and what it said about Aubuchon. Instead, he or she (maybe Aubuchon wrote it herself) calls Aubuchon "a lifelong apolitical prosecutor with zero interest in partisan politics, is a recent casualty."

Here are a couple of relevant passages from Munnell's memo to compare and contrast with the anonymous defender's statements:

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aubuchon hshott 2.jpg

Aubuchon's suing the county for $10 million for allegedly besmirching her reputation.

Poor woman.

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warthogs advocate
warthogs advocate

Who cares about all of the abuse of power under the color of the law!!! After all she's Lisa M. Aubuchon and does'nt have to live up to the standards that other lawyer's have too!!!She deservres an apology for being fired for her unethical behavior. After all she's Lisa M. Aubuchon. She deserves the $10 million for all the trouble she has caused the innocent!!! After all she's Lisa M. Aubuchon!!!


Yes, it is truly incredible that all of the lawyers that aided Arpaio and conspired with him to try to keep taxpayers in the dark are now crying foul against us. Aubochon suing for $10 million and Ogeltree Deakins et. al. have indicated that they will sue the County too. Totally disgusting. Piggies.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

She deserves not a single red cent for her immoral and unethical misdeeds as a loser, who did not maintain the integrity of the MCAO. I am willing to believed she wrote that stint herself. No true lawyer would ever do that for her.

Restore Justice in AZ NOW!
Restore Justice in AZ NOW!

"Aubuchon's suing the county for $10 million for allegedly besmirching her reputation."

How about all the reputations of innocent people she besmirched? Or worse yet convicted in the media and threw their lives away, silenced in prison? Her actions and that of Thomas bragging about his 200,000 convictions, demand outside independent investigation of the wrongful convictions and wrongful imprisonments of innocent people going through the Maricopa County Superior Court system, one they "controlled" and intimidated judges. The sick game they've played is confirmed in all over these memos and countless other documents. Aubuchon and Thomas should be disbarred, indicted and imprisoned!

Restore Justice in AZ
Restore Justice in AZ

Question: Why would arpaio and thomas fight the new courthouse? Could it be that they have all their secrets and much more hidden for years in the "old" courthouse? Adrian Cruz, child rapist, escaped under arpaio's watch, never to be found. And then there's the video showing the deliberate indifference in a deputy sheriff swipes legal paperwork off the defense attorney's table while she's at the podium. Do they think we're going to forget about that? That alone is evidence "justice" is done the MCAO/MCSO way. The prosecutor didn't bother to say one word. Business as usual. It's time to restore justice in Maricopa County.


It matters not whether Aubuchon has any interest in partisan politics or is republican or democrat. What matters is the difference between right and wrong. Aubuchon bet her career, reputation, and livelihood when she signed on with Hendershott, Thomas, Arpaio, and company and dropped her integrity in the trash in exchange for protection and advancement. My father always told me that if you give up your integrity, you give up just about everything. I think he was right.

Thomas, Arpaio, Hendershott and Aubuchon have all worried and tried to manipulate outcomes of elections, appointments, etc. as if they were afraid of something bad if things did not go the way they wanted. Well, they were right. Slowly but surely, the skeletons are being exposed and they still have some rotting meat on them.

Hendershott trying to give Aubuchon a job.

Romley being appointed and Arpaio fighting it all the way.

Arpaio resisting the county in turning over the records saying it was a witch hunt and fishing expedition. But they caught a whale after MCSO turned over some of the requested records.

The DoJ is suing because MCSO will not turn over requested records that are irrelevant to the investigation. Yeah, just like the records requested by the county were irrelevant. I believe that for sure.


ps - at Perryville women's prison, there's room for Aubuchon is an outdoor cage in the desert on a concrete slab. She can be held there while they decide what they'll do with her. The temperature is still over 105 degrees. That's how Arizona treats it's women inmates. A system she, Thomas, Arpaio and their culture of cruelty has fostered for years. The ghost of Marcia Powell will haunt Arizona forever! She represents every incarcerated woman in Arizona. One of Thomas/Aubuchon 200,000 convictions! Don't know how you people sleep nights.

Pablo Digame
Pablo Digame

Yes! Let's clean out the trash that has been found in the County Attorney's office. Dishonest lawyers (pronounce "liars") need to be barred from practicing in Arizona and the ban should be extended to all States in the Country. Just as the label "Sex Offender" applies for the life of the offender, so should dishonest lawyers be labeled for life with "Untrustworthy Servant". The title would be so deserving for those prideful people who step all over their fellow humans to promote their own interests.

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