John Wanek of Phoenix Gets Nine-Year Prison Sentence in Ohio Mortgage-Fraud Case; Illegally Obtained $38 Million in Loans

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A time-honored tradition in Arizona is to use the state as a base for crimes committed elsewhere in the country.

That's just what John Wanek did: The Phoenix-based developer, owner of Ventana Companies, 3100 North Third Avenue, #201, falsified his financial status, took out tens of millions of dollars in loans, then bought apartment complexes in Ohio with the money. The properties ended up foreclosed, and nearly everyone associated with the deals apparently lost big-time cash.

Common Pleas Judge Julie M. Lynch sentenced Wanek to nine years in prison yesterday, but said even that "wasn't enough."

Even now, you're looking smug as a bug. It makes me sick, frankly," Lynch told Wanek during the sentencing hearing, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

swanigan robert.jpg
Robert Swanigan's police mug shot
Wanek pleaded guilty in August to money laundering, theft, and other charges; investigators had been on his tail for years.

One of Wanek's employees, 30-year-old Robert Swanigan of Mesa, pleaded guilty in July to tampering with public records. He received a suspended sentence in exchange for helping investigators nail Wanek.

Lynch also ordered Wanek to pay $35 million in restitution. We wonder whom he's gonna rip off to make that happen.

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I hope that he has a long an healthy life, this way he can enjoy h is 9 years liiving like the rat he is. If of course he becomes ill, I hope that it is a long and paiful death. He robbed me, and should he get out alive, I will meet him at the gate, and justice will be served the old fashion way.


Give me a freaking break. The guy's a crook and a USER. I worked for him. Had plenty of paychecks bounce, then watched him saunter into the office wearing a $1000 suit after having lunch at some exclusive restaurant. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with anything.

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It's easy to kick a guy when he's down, anonymous bloggers. But you are probably one of many people who asked John Wanek for money when you thought he had it, especially for your charities to support LBGT rights under the law. What you see in this example is an often silly man who made a big mistake by fudging numbers at a time when LOTS of bigger-time operators were fudging numbers, some of whom didn't have the courage to face their mistakes and apologize. What you see is biased reporting and a penalty that is way bigger than the crime, considering that John's lenders didn't check the numbers before making the loans -- but managed to get publicly-funded bailouts without a jail term. What you see is the State of Ohio making a political prisoner of John Wanek before an election -- that it's not okay to be GAY while fudging numbers during a mortgage bubble in Ohio. John has apologized and his penalty, in my view, is unfair. Jeanne Winograd, Phoenix, AZ


He should come back to Phoenix once he gets out. He is a shoe-in to be an Arizona public official.

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