John McCain to Debate Rodney Glassman on September 26

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Will John McCain break a sweat debating with Rodney Glassman? Tune to Channel 3 on September 26 to find out

Republican Senator John McCain and his Democratic contender, Rodney Glassman, will match wits later this month in a televised debate.

The political show-down will take place in the studios of Channel 3, (KTVK-TV) and air at 6 p.m.

In announcing that Glassman will take part, the Democrat's election crew took the opportunity for a bit of outside-the-ring trash-talking:

"We're happy that for one hour, every six years, John McCain seems to care about the issues important to Arizona, including jobs, securing the border and improving public schools," said Glassman campaign spokesman Blake Morlock.

McCain's camp, on the other hand, took the rhetorical high road in a quote to the Arizona Daily Star:

"Sen. McCain looks forward to a spirited discussion on the issues facing Arizonans today, including our economy, national security, border security, as well as health care and many other challenges," said McCain's spokesman Brian Rogers.

Of course, Glassman's an underdog in this race who needs to get aggressive with the longtime, incumbent senator to get noticed. If you want to get an idea how he does in a debate, check out the KAET one from July between Glassman, former New Times writer John Dougherty, activist Randy Parraz and former state lawmaker Cathy Eden.

Our guess? McCain'll clean the floor with the inexperienced Glassman -- who can't seem to give a straight answer on whether he's for or against SB 1070.

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