Jan Brewer Joins Tiger Woods and Old Spice Guy on Huffington Post's List of Funny Halloween Costumes

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Jan Brewer's bumbling performance during the gubernatorial debate earlier this month, which instantly became a Youtube blockbuster, seems to have made Jan even more famous (or infamous) than she became after signing SB 1070.

Jan's hit the big time, and people are noticing, which is why she's made the Huffington Post's list of funny Halloween costume ideas.

Jan should be (ahem) honored. The list seems to be made up of either people who are actually funny, or people who made asses out of themselves this year. As any Arizonan knows, Jan's not so much "ha-ha" funny -- she's more so-dumb-it's-cute funny.

From the Huff Post:

Tan yourself like you're going as Snooki then add a beige suit, blond wig and forget all the English you learned in school. Make sure to take long pauses and ask everyone at your party for their papers.

Others on the list include Tiger Woods, the Old Spice guy, British Petroleum's former CEO Tony Hayward, and Terry Jones, the Florida preacher who's threatening to burn the Quran.

The Huffington Post may find the idea of Jan Brewer funny. Smart Arizonans might argue it's more tragic, embarrassing, and sad that the woman runs an entire state.

Check out the Huffington Post's complete list here.

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Saggin White Tits
Saggin White Tits

On October 31st., if you see Jan Brewer on your porch, for God's sake determine if it is actually her or a frightened child of moron, hater parents, dressed up as the "mouth that didn't roar" before you open fire on her. Remember, its Halloween.And if the old saying, "People judge you by the words you speak" is true then where does that leave old saggy tits Brewer ?????


Well said. "Smart Arizonans might argue it's more tragic, embarrassing, and sad that the woman runs an entire state."


In the last four months Jan Brewer has been caught lying, three times and counting.

The comments made on June 16, 2010, and June 27, 2010, clearly indicates that the Brewer says that immigrants are beheading people in the United States desert. She first ran away from the question and the press when confronted with the question. She finally when to FOX/ FAKE News to recant her lie.

When Brewer was confronted with the fact the two of her top Advisors (Paul Senseman, Chuck Coughlin) are lobbyist for “Private Prisons” giant CCA she first ran away from the question and the press.

In an attempt to gain sympathy, she first said her father had died in Germany fighting the Nazi in World War II (which ended 1945) but of course we find out the truth that her father was never in Germany and died in California in 1955. Do you see a trend here?

Brewer signed into law SB 1070 Bill (Did she even read it?), lied about the crime rates in AZ (even Janet Napolitano knows that all crimes rates went down), and now we find out that she is in the pockets of PRIVATE PRISONS who stand to benefit with the increase Federal jailing, and thus they will pay her back, I wonder if it has to do anything about the fact that her son was transferred to a brand new prison, he was convicted for rape and sexual assault, I guess the fruit does not fall far the tree.

“Private Prisons Lie” youtube.com/watch?v=UMcgXxzcBe...

“AZ Crime Rates” youtube.com/watch?v=0eb4mMk6Xg...

“Father Lie” vodpod.com/watch/3771595-charl...

 Medussa of the desert
Medussa of the desert

Dressing a child up in a Jan Brewer costume strains to the limit line the concept of child abuse. Probably not a popular costume choice among the Hispanic community.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

She was appointed to her position by default. She signed SB-1070 as a method for garnering votes, which apparently has happened. Then her opponents in the primary, both Martin and Mills, caved and let her run away with the primary, all to please the state Republican party, run by none other than Randy Pullen....

Yes, we taxpayers in Arizona are certainly ashamed that she is representing us.

Have you noticed since her guffaw that she is no longer being allowed to speak in public without prepared text?

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