DUI Task Force Out to Get Ya This Weekend--Beware!

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Just got a cautionary note from Tempe criminal-defense attorney David Cantor, who has mastered the art of selling himself as much outside as inside a courtroom.

drunk drivers.jpg

​Actually, David probably sent the same missive to several hundred of his very closest friends, but since it had our name on it, we'll happily pass it along.


he purpose of this email," he writes, "is to inform you that various Phoenix Metro area law enforcement agencies will be conducting their Annual Labor Day Weekend DUI Task Force beginning Friday night, September 3rd and continuing through Tuesday morning, September 7th.

"The police will be pulling over any motorist for any traffic violation that occurs at nighttime. They will be specifically looking to see whether the motorist has been drinking.  If you do go out this holiday weekend and have some drinks, make sure you have a designated driver."

Thanks for the warning, sir.

Oh, one more thing.

"If you are pulled over and detained," the barrister writes, "ask to contact us immediately at [office number here]. Put this number in your speed dial now!"

We get it, Dave....

And we're sure you take all major credit cards.



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I'm Caucasian, so I have nothing to worry about... For anyone unfortunate enough to have a loved one incarcerated in Arpaio's filth-hole jail, then you probably had to call the jail information line for their booking number. A call to that phone line will, of course, get consigned to the nether region of on-hold-for-an-hour status, as all operators are busy entertaining previous calls. During the 50 minute minimum wait you will have to listen to the recording of AARPaio is so great. He is expanding "TentCity" even more to accommodate the expected increase in arrests for illegal immigration and DUI, so I guess in Arpaio's world, Mexicans are not only filthy and diseased, but drunk drivers too.

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