Don Stapley, Mary Rose Wilcox Call for FBI Investigation of Chief Deputy David Hendershott; Ask Feds to Consider Taking Over Sheriff's Office


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Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox want the FBI, not Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu, to review new allegations of corruption in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office.

​Maricopa County Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox have asked the feds to consider taking control of the Sheriff's Office in light of allegations revealed in a top deputy's memo.

The supervisors, two chief targets of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's politically motivated attacks, addressed the memo by Deputy Chief Frank Munnell on Friday during a news conference at Wilcox's downtown Phoenix restaurant.

As you're no doubt already aware, the memo by Munnell, a 30-year veteran of the MCSO, focused mainly on allegations of corrupt activities by Arpaio's right-hand man, David Hendershott. Rather than deal seriously with the memo, Arpaio decided yesterday to ask his political buddy, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, to review the accusations.

Wilcox and Stapley believe that decision was a "sham." Even if Babeu attempts to remain neutral, the public won't see it that way, Wilcox noted.

"That puts the Pinal County sheriff in an unfair unethical and political dilemma," Wilcox said.

If Babeu's review of the Munnell accusations result in no action taken against Hendershott and others implicated in the scandal at the Sheriff's Office, it will be "dismissed as a political whitewash."

Conversely, Babeu might try to heap all of the blame on Hendershott -- thereby absolving Arpaio "of problems within his office."

Stapley and Wilcox insisted that the FBI review Munnell's allegations. And Wilcox stated that county officials already have asked the feds to consider putting the Sheriff's Office into temporary receivership -- in other words, stripping Arpaio of his office.

Hendershott, meantime, ought to be placed on administrative leave immediately, they said.

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Antonio Bustamante of Los Abogados says the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is being run like a criminal enterprise.
​The Supes noted that Hendershott claims he's been on medical leave, but that they have proof that he's just working from home.

Given the allegation that Hendershott uses fear and intimidation to influence witnesses of crimes that may involve his office, it's inexcusable for Arpaio to allow Hendershott continued access to county computers and e-mails, they said.

Which is a great point, of course. And the Supes also made it clear why Arpaio seems to be protecting Hendershott: Asked if it's possible whether Arpaio didn't know exactly what his chief deputy was up to, Wilcox and Stapley answered with an emphatic, "No!"

Stapley added that he'd been "stonewalled and lied to" by Hendershott about the infamous trips to Honduras and other possible abuses of taxpayer funds.

Seated next to the two supes at the news conference was Antonio Bustamante, who's on the board of directors of Los Abogados (Arizona's Hispanic Bar Association), civil rights activist Salvador Reza, and Lydia Guzman, president of Somos America. The three activists had harsh words for the MCSO and repeated calls for a more neutral reviewer of Munnell's claims. 

"We believe [MCSO] is a criminal enterprise...hiding behind the badge of law enforcement," Bustamante said.


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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Why ONLY two members of the Board of Supervisors?

The other three have no courage, I guess?

Andy Kunasek,. this is your chance. Show us you have a set.


To have a security guard sherriff wannabee Babium investigate Arpaio is like having Arpaio investigate the 5 0r 6 aliens with ak47s that "attacked" one of Babooms deputies and were able to escape into Arizonas thin air. (Possibly by spaceship)...But maybe, he is the right person since with his grade school experience as 4 a year "cop" he is the new expert on cartels and their modus operandi. This "elected" security guard could not investigate or know the difference between a jaywalker or a marihuna joint. And he is such an expert that someone named McCain believed his lies that a fence would keep the dope and human smugglers at bay. Stupid people vote for people that are clueless. You are about to get rid of one county parasite only to have a clone with a very questionable background take over as Arizonas toughest pathological liar. The party of Goldwater is being destroyed by Brewer-Pearce-Babalony and their followers. Arizona can do better then what these foreingners are doing to the greatest Canyon state in the world...I feel confident that the times will expose the "closet" background of the new Cartel expert.....


And then there was the Lovejoy case where Arpaio got on TV, fighting off aligator tears, to tell us how hard it was on him to have to make this decision to charge Lovejoy... until he got called to be deposed. Suddenly he had nothing to do with the decision...

God, please just deliver one or two more well placed monsoon lightening bolts and put us out of our misery!


I don't believe I have ever seen Hendershott give a press conference to justify charges against a political enemy. However, AARPaio has given many of them. He even explained things better than the County Atty could.


Antonio Bustamonte is the Hispanic version of Hendershott. A bunch of crooks talking trash about another crook. Sal Reza is pissed because his business for exploiting day laborers has been hurt by Arizona's Immigration stance.

Wilcox and Stapley are part of the problem, not the solution. Heads will spin when both the county board, the OMB and the sheriff's office are held accountable for the hostile work environment they have created for thousands of employees.


At least they wouldn't have the Mini-me-Babue, from Pinal county doing unbiased law enforcement.

Hope they take it over!!


Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

As a citizen and taxpayer, I demand that the FBI handle this huge case -- described as "a needle in a needle stack". Babaeu needs to deal with his own problems in his county. We do not need another arpaio clone!


Good Article Ray, its only the beginning of something big.


The memo confirms the years of investigative reporting seen in the Phoenix New Times. Now it's time to clean house at the MCSO and the MCAO!!

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