Dancing With the Stars: Why, Kurt Warner? Why?

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Kurt Warner
If you're an Arizona Cardinals fan, watching quarterback Derek Anderson try to throw a football on Sunday was hard enough. Watching the man he replaced -- and who many fans wish was still leading the team -- do the hustle on national television is just salt in the wound.

The Cards' former quarterback, Kurt Warner, is featured on this season of Dancing With the Stars. The debut was last night and it turns out Kurt's not a bad dancer.

But do football fans want to see their macho heroes do the Viennese waltz set to Bon Jovi's This Ain't a Love Song?

Seems about as emasculating as former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka -- the face of tough, unadulterated manliness -- doing Viagra ads (yeah, that happened).

Check out Kurt's performance after the jump. It's rough, Cards fans.

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Kurt Warner would be flat on his backside under this o-line. No one stands a chance back there right now. Get a clue and stop blaming everything on Anderson.

Redskins fan for Kurt Warner
Redskins fan for Kurt Warner

Rough to watch? A man, who is a football legend and has the potential of a great dancer, dances for his children and kisses his wife at the end of his dance. That makes him super-manly! He is a wonderful man, a real man, the ultimate dream man for any woman.


Right on!

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