Arizona Prison Escapees Indicted for Murder; Could Face Death Penalty

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Tracy Province (left) and John McCluskey
Arizona prison inmate John McCluskey might just get his morbid wish.

After McCluskey and his cousin/would-be-wife, Casslyn Welch, were arrested last month, McCluskey tried to kill himself in prison. Today, the U.S. Attorney's Office says the the two -- as well as another escapee, Tracy Province -- have been indicted for capital murder could face the death penalty if convicted.

McCluskey and Province escaped from the Kingman Prison -- with Welch's help -- on july 30.

While on the run, authorities say the three murdered Linda and Gary Haas -- both 61 and from Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

The victims, who were about to become grandparents, were on their annual summer trip to Colorado when their paths crossed with the escaped inmates.

Authorities believe the couple met the inmates at a rest area along Interstate 40 in eastern New Mexico.

It's believed the couple were shot in their travel trailer before the inmates and Welch drove it to a remote area, unhitched the Hass' truck, and torched the trailer with the bodies of the inside.

At the moment, all three inmates remain in custody in Arizona. They probably will be extradited to New Mexico in the next few weeks.

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