Apartment Fire Blamed on Bed Bugs -- and Suspected Drunk Guy Who Tried to Set Them on Fire

Harold Kelley had a bit of a bed bug problem.
As the saying goes: "goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite." For a Phoenix man, he may have included "or set your apartment on fire" to the end of that bedtime rhyme because he's blaming bedbugs for a blaze at his Phoenix apartment.

He's not saying the tiny bugs actually lit the fire, but he's blaming them for his starting a blaze in his 23rd Avenue and Indian School Road apartment.

Phoenix arson investigators have arrested 56-year-old Harold Kelley on arson charges after he admittedly set the sheets and blankets on his bed ablaze after getting bitten by bed bugs repeatedly.

Following a night of drinking, and arguing with his girlfriend, Kelley hit the sheets.

After the bed bugs attacked, he'd had enough.

He initially tried to spray the little monsters with cologne, but found that while they probably smelled great, they were still in his bed and chompin' at his flesh.

So rather than find a different place to sleep and deal with his bed-bug issue in the morning (perhaps when he sobered up) he decided to fight bed bugs with fire.

Kelley set the bedding on fire inside his apartment. When the fire got a little out of hand, he moved the sheets to his front porch.

The building in front of which Kelley started the fire has a wood frame, which can lead to some fairly obvious, potential problems when mixed with fire.

Luckily, the fire was contained before anything got too serious.

Kelley's charges, however, are serious. He's been nailed with arson, criminal damage, and endangerment, all felonies, plus misdemeanor assault.  

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Before, they used to inflict damage to people. Now, they can even cause fire. What else these bed bugs can do in the future?

how to get rid of bed bugs


Was the assault charge filed because of hurting the bedbugs?


My friend uses this patch that wards away bedbug bites. He says it works so maybe give it a try? Here’s their facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheBedBugPatc...

Good luck

B.B. Bites
B.B. Bites

Yikes! This is one of the most extreme examples we have seen, but is definitely in keeping with the psychological damage bed bugs can have on an individual. Well to do, relatively happy people can perhaps shrug off an infestation and claim it as just an "annoyance', but for regular folks on a budget or dealing with other external problems simultaneously, a bed bug infestation can be an absolute nightmare with serious psychological repercussions. Bed bugs are no laughing matter.

The Bed Bugs Bite

Johnny White-man
Johnny White-man

Well if he's going to spend some quality time in the joKKKer's diseased ridden jails. They got worst bugs in there: Hepatitis-Cs, MRSA, vermin, cockaroaches, and rats. And if he's going to his "concentration camps", they got desert creatures, scorpions, ants, beetles, rattlesnakes, etc.


Give the poor sucker a break.

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