Animal Cops Rescue 171 Animals Living With Family of Four in Feces-Covered Trailer

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"Save me!"
Animal Care and Control officials in Pinal County removed 152 cats and 19 dogs from a trailer in Southern Arizona.

The animal rescuers reported that the trailer in Hidden Valley, a community south of Maricopa, had no litter boxes, no running water, and layers of feces covering the floor.

The couple living in the trailer with their two teen children signed over custody of the animals to the local Animal Care and Control, and the Pinal County Sheriff's Office hauled off the animals in a horse trailer.

The Associated Press reports that authorities expect that the healthy pets will be put up for adoption and that it was not immediately clear whether the owners will be charged with animal cruelty.

We get people's love and concern for animals, but what about the teenagers living in the house? Who's going to rescue them?

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No one cares about people. They care about animals because they're "helpless", but the teens...they can just keep living in a sewer I guess. I watch animal cops and was kind of disgusted at the doctor who criticized a person who tried to treat their dog themselves. He was like, why didn't they get professional help? Duh, maybe because probably charges thousands of dollars for his services. It wasn't even the guys dog, it was a stray he was trying to help.

This stupid country needs to get its priorities straight!!


i just got one of the dogs from a shelter and they lived and she lived in this

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