Alleged Pediatric Pedophile Removes Monitoring Bracelet and Goes on Run

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Dr. Emilio Luna
alleged kiddy-porn-peddling pediatrician, arrested earlier this month for distributing images of (ahem) "child erotica" over the Internet, is on the run.

After getting indicted last week, Dr. Emilio Luna, 40, was granted pre-trial release on the conditions that he turn over his passports, wear an electronic-monitoring bracelet, and, most importantly, stay the hell away from kids.

Luna apparently didn't live up to his end of the bargain. He removed his monitoring bracelet yesterday and hasn't been heard from since.

Luna only was allowed to leave his house if he was granted permission from the court. He got permission to go to church at 12:30 p.m. yesterday and apparently took off.

By 8:30 p.m., authorities hadn't heard from Luna and his car was found abandoned in a Glendale parking lot.

In the car, authorities found bolt-cutters sitting next to Luna's monitoring bracelet.

Luna was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, and has lived and worked in California, Illinois, and Texas. The FBI believes he may go back to one of those states or he may have fled to his birth city in Mexico. 

The alleged pederast used the Internet handle "Speedi69," to distribute the images to other pederasts, authorities claim. The FBI stumbled upon one of the images, looked up the IP address, and linked them to Luna's Sun City home.

Federal agents obtained a search warrant for Luna's house and seized three computers, four external hard drives, and about 300 DVDs, some of which were encrypted. They also found about $15,000 in cash in a file folder in his closet and several passports.

He also signed a voluntary agreement with the Arizona Medical Board that prevents him from practicing medicine in Arizona indefinitely.

Anyone with information as to Luna's whereabouts are asked to call the FBI's Phoenix office at 602-279-5511, and select option 1.

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What is the name of the judge or other official who granted this pervert a pre-trial release?


What a fucking dumbass!!!!! they catch him or hell blow his head off!!!! Run bitch run coward pig scum bag!


A repeat of the Adrian Cruz??? The only minor difference is that the FBI is on this one and possibly the U.S. Marshals & other LEAs as well. While Adrian Cruz's case is quietly swept under the rug.....

Oh and of course, unfortunately, the MSCO isn't responsible for this one.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Dammit, Ross beat me to my comment. This guy couldn't actually live in Sun City. It must be his great grandmother's house....

Do we think he might be headed south? Hmmmmm


Since when do they allow 40-year-olds to live in Sun City?

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