AFL-CIO Won't Help Arizona's Democratic Congressional Races; Money and Ads Going to Other States

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​You've probably heard the predictions by now: Democrats are going to be scarcer in Congress this November. The number of potential seats lost could be high, but there's only so much money to go around to help them campaign.

The AFL-CIO, typically a stalwart money source for Democrats, announced this week it will focus its efforts in the West by throwing money and ads for Congressional races in Colorado, California, New Mexico and Nevada.

But not Arizona.

As the Business Journal reported yesterday, Arizona's being "snubbed" by the powerful and rich labor union. And that news must be like a blade in the back for Arizona's Democratic Congresspeople, who have stood by the unions in their fight to eliminate secret ballots in union elections.

No doubt, Harry Mitchell and Gabby Giffords could use the money. Their seats are considered relatively safe, but both will be fighting off robust campaigns from Republican competitors for the next two months.

Ann Kirkpatrick might miss the union dough even more. One poll mentioned in the White Mountain Independent today shows that she's trailing her Republican opponent, Paul Gosar.

Perhaps the union feels Arizona's a right-to-lose state for Democrats.





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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

This seems to reflect the feelings of the state Democratic party. They simply gave away county and state elections in 2008 to pour the party support to Obama. In 2010 they won't support any county or or state candidates, and in 2012 they will play the same, sorry old song. The only party worse in Arizona is the ruthless Republican party.

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