Sierra Vista Mom Arrested After Giving Birth to Baby With Meth and Weed in System

Tamara Austin
If you ask us, doing meth probably isn't the best idea. Doing meth when you're pregnant, in our humble opinion, is just disgusting.

A Sierra Vista woman might disagree.

Police in Sierra Vista say a woman gave birth to a baby over the weekend, which would have been good news had doctors not found "critical levels" of crystal meth and marijuana in the baby's body.

The baby was born to 26-year-old Tamara Austin (that's her in the photo -- and, yes: we, too, find it shocking that someone was willing to do the deed required to get this southern Arizona treasure knocked-up) at the Sierra Vista Regional Health Center on Sunday. Doctors detected the dope and called Child Protective Services.

Prior to CPS getting to the hospital, Austin took off with the baby, but police caught up with her on Tuesday and placed her under arrest.

Unfortunately for Austin, Arizona has a law that took effect last year, which allows law enforcement to charge a mother who uses drugs while pregnant with neglect.

Nobody in Cochise County has ever been charged under the new law, but Sierra Vista police seem to think Austin is a prime candidate to be the county's first.

She was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of child abuse and neglect.

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We should pray fro those who are lost.  Many turn to things which make them feel love, secure, or just to supress hurt. I thank God that the baby is in good hands and will recover. I also thank God that this lady will be able to gain assistance.


This woman's mugshot screams three words to me. Fetal alcohol syndrome.

not important who I am
not important who I am

It is really sad for the child in this case. I don't feel sorry for the mother. I just hope for that baby's sake that the mother never gets custody of it again.

Tatiana Tapia
Tatiana Tapia

hey "howitis":

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-your worst fucking nightmareNikKixx FuckxxinG MurdAh

Tatiana Tapia
Tatiana Tapia

watch it with the daddy comments thats my uncle youu pieces of shit and he didnt know she was pregnant...youu insignificant assholes...

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