Rodney Glassman Colleague Says Candidate Text Messaged People During Council Meetings "Like a Little Adolescent"

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Rodney Glassman
Democratic Senate candidate Rodney Glassman certainly isn't getting off to a good start in his bid to unseat Senator John McCain.

Last week New Times reported that several of Glassman's staffers had quit because they were unhappy with how the candidate treated people working on the campaign. And today one of Glassman's former colleagues on the Tucson City Council went on the Jon Justice radio show to discuss Rodney's maturity level, or lack there of.

Check out the audio of Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik blasting Glassman after the jump.

To be fair, Kozachik is a Republican and, as you can hear in the clip, is no fan of Glassman. Even so, ouch!

As brutal as Kozachik's attack may seem, it echoes a lot of reports about Glassman, including our own.

From Feathered Bastard:

But several confidential sources inform me that Glassman's staffers left because they were not happy with the behavior of their candidate.

These sources relayed a litany of complaints about the Glassman campaign, from Glassman berating staffers and volunteers in public, even yelling at them, to Glassman's having his brother Jeremy play a major role in the campaign (doing little or nothing, they say), and the fact that Glassman and his minions gave Democrats reason to believe he would sink millions into his bid for Senate.

Sources also claim staffers were upset by a homophobic remark the former Tucson city councilman and onetime registered Republican reportedly made about a gay city councilwoman, saying that, "The toughest thing for me to do will be to sit next to an openly gay councilmember."

The "adolescent" Glassman now faces a 73-year-old man, he describes as "cranky," in the general election. Should be fun to watch, to say the least.

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Like one of my little community college freshman (sneaking a text message literally whenever they can).


Come on Arizona, how in the hell did you elect this neophyte to be the Democratic Candidate? Glassman didn't even finish his first term as a Council Member.


1) Low turnout of Democratic voters; 2) most independent voters chose to vote in the Republican primary; 3) 65 percent of those who did vote in the US Senate Democratic primary voted AGAINST Glassman.

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