PETA Says "No One Should Need Papers." They're Talking About Dogs

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Leave it to PETA to turn a debate over the lives of millions of HUMAN BEINGS into a ploy to save a few dogs.

PETA is running a billboard in Arizona -- playing off the state's controversial, new immigration law -- urging people to adopt "undocumented" dogs.

The group contends that "dogs who are bred on purpose have nothing over those with unknown parentage."

Check out the new billboard after the jump.

Papers, please?
The "papers" the group is referring to aren't citizenship documents, they're papers issued by the American Kennel Club to pure-bred pooches.

According to the group, buying a cat or dog from a pet shop or breeder hurts a homeless animal's chance at finding a home. The group claims that of the 6 to 8 million cats and dogs who end up in animal shelters each year, about half must be euthanized because a home can't be found for them.

"Arizona, like every other state in the nation, has more 'undocumented' dogs and cats than it has good homes for them," says PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch. "Lineage papers or not, the heart and loyalty of each animal companion is the same. People who are considering welcoming a dog or cat into their homes should always adopt and never buy."

Now that PETA's opted to insert itself into the immigration debate -- and hijack immigration-related lingo to save dogs -- and given the group's affinity for all things canine, we wonder how they feel about coyotes. Badop-ching!

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The reason that animal shelters have to euthanize so many animals is because there aren't enough homes for them all. It's simple math. Anyone who breeds animals is killing the animals in the shelters. There is no such thing as responsible breeding. All animal breeding should be outlawed. It's immoral and racist. Can you imagine if we did to humans what we do to animals? When you breed dogs to be a certain color, size, shape, temperment, etc. you are going against nature and selecting certain qualities that don't necessarily contribute to greater heatlh, fitness, and happiness. For example, Boston Terriers are so inbred they can't even mate on their own anymore and have to be artificially inseminated. Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, Corgis, and English Bulldogs all have forms of dwarfism that cause other health problems (breathing problems, joint and limb problems, spinal disk problems, etc.). Can you imagine if we intentionally bred humans to have various forms of dwarfism? The public outcry would be deafening. Did you know that Great Danes only live for about 9 years because they have been inbred to be so big that their hearts can't take the stress of pumping for such a large body. They end up dying young because of heart problems. You call this responsible breeding? And did you know that there is a gene for deafness that is linked to the white coat color and also the blue merle color. When you inbreed dogs to be white and/or merle, you are increasing the likelyhood that they will be deaf. You call this responsible? You are delusional. Breeding dogs and cats to look certain ways is immoral. Humans have no right to interfere with nature in this way. Animals are not ours to do with whatever we please.PUREBRED IS INBRED. Mutts are healthier and more intelligent. The closer a dog looks to a wolf, the less inbred it is (generally). The further a dog looks from a wolf, the more inbred it is.If we banned breeding of animals in the US there would still be an endless supply of dogs and cats from other countries so we would still be able to have pets. But at least we would not be making the problem worse ourselves.


I'm a member of Peta and fully agree with the notion of mutts being awesome pets. But, I live in AZ and also am totally against illegal immigration. So, this billboard made me mad. I understand they are saying that purebred dogs and cats get adopted more often because they have their "papers" to prove they are purebred, but to bring illegals into it is ridiculous. Plus, I think if Peta saw how most illegals treat their pets, they wouldn't be so quick to to support them. (the cat I currently have I rescued from my illegal neighbors who were neglecting her and her 5 kittens)And, FYI, to bring a pet into the US they DO have to have papers. I brought a dog and cat with me back from Paraguay and I still have the documentation to prove it. If dogs and cats can enter the country with the proper documentation then there's no excuse for the illegals. Breaking the law is breaking the law.P.S. Both my cat and dog were mixed breeds and they were awesome pets. Purebred is inbred. Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die!


The Harper's Forum Book, Jack Hitt, ed., 1989, p.223: Quoting Ingrid Newkirk the co-founder and current president of PETA: "I don’t use the word 'pet.' I think it’s speciesist language. I prefer 'companion animal.' For one thing, we would no longer allow breeding. People could not create different breeds. There would be no pet shops. If people had companion animals in their homes, those animals would have to be refugees from the animal shelters and the streets. You would have a protective relationship with them just as you would with an orphaned child. But as the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship — enjoyment at a distance."


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