No Recounts Needed After Last Week's Primary Election; All Votes Now Counted

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​No recounts will be needed in any state or county race following last week's primary election, says Matt Benson of the Secretary of State's office.

As of late-afternoon Tuesday, all the votes statewide have been counted.

Some races got within a rat's hair of forcing a recount, like the Democratic one for state senator in District 18. As the East Valley Tribune reports tonight, 29-year-old Andrew Sherwood barely squeaked out a win against competitor Robert McDonald by just 29 votes. (Not that it matters, since he'll face the right-wing's hero, none other than Mr. SB 1070 himself, Russell Pearce.


Even hearing that all the votes have been counted, though, it's still hard to shake the feeling after the last few roller-coaster days that we'll see a new headline pop up that reads, "Thomas Passes Horne in Latest Vote Count." It kind of reminds us of our recurring dream in which our college degree is being revoked because our math credits were found wanting.

But no, it's really all over.

If you haven't seen the election results, click here for the final totals from the SoS.


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former republican
former republican

Robert McDonald's voice was heard. Plain and simple. We would agree, NO to CCA Private Prisons in Arizona. They sell their officers out, as well as, the inmates! Nice try Robert! The public is better informed on Sen. Russell Pearce's connections as to why he's driving "privatization" of incarceration including Death Row -- until the media jumped on it. You accomplished much. Thank you!

former republican
former republican

ps - Robert, They want us to believe you don't matter, but you were courageous to come forward. You represent the tip of the iceberg of the broken mass industrial prison complex Arizona has become. Wishing you the best in all your indeavors!

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