Morning Poll: Which Primary Race Was the Ugliest?

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Primary day is finally upon us, folks, and we're a little bummed out. The daily bickering between candidates and the cruel-but-entertaining political attacks will be coming to an end.

We've been blessed with some fairly ugly campaigns this primary season, which have only been made better by the fact that those throwing mud are throwing it at members of their own party.

Now that the mud has settled, we want to know what you think: which race has been the ugliest?

1) John McCain V. J.D. Hayworth:

From J.D.'s infomercial stardom to McCain's alleged support of amnesty, this race has been ugly since the beginning. It was only made uglier by Hayworth's endless gaffes and horrible world view (the guy thinks letting gay people get married will lead to men marrying horses -- enough said) on which McCain capitalized repeatedly.

2) Ben Quayle V. Everyone in the District 3 Congressional Primary:

The District 3 Congressional primary has been particularly ugly because of one man: Ben Quayle. Quayle's presence in the race has drawn attacks from almost all of the 9 other candidates in the race. From Pam Gorman's outrage that former Vice President Dan Quayle is trying to "buy his little boy" a seat in Congress to PR honcho Jason Rose's outing of Quayle's connection to the dirty, this race took a turn for the ugly the moment Quayle announced his candidacy.

3) Joe Arpaio V. Anyone who opposes him politically:

Joe Arpaio's not up for re-election this year but that hasn't stopped him from joining in the fun and slangin' some mud. America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" used his own campaign war chest to buy TV ads attacking Rick Romley and Tom Horne, who happen to be running against candidates Joe would prefer to see in office. Total sleaze, if you ask us, but a judge allowed it.

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Which Issue Has Been Most Damaging to Campaign?

- 33 percent say questions about Steve Moak's charity.

- 67 percent say Ben Quayle's "Dirty" connection.

Here is your morning poll:

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No Joe please Go!
No Joe please Go!

I voted for Horne which was the ugliest race because like the wicked witch Thomas is melting melting melting and hopefully THIS WEEK the state Bar will suspend him after the Kunasek extrotion scheme has been revealed. Thomas is certifiable. Let's hope the voters send Sheriff Joe (who is spending his money like a drunken sailor and is not even running.)... a clear message today. Also voted for Romley why give Andrew Thomas his old home back under Montgomery.

Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke

I love being an independent I voted no on Brewer (Buz Mills), No on JD (McCain), No on Candy (Horne) and No on Montgomery (Romley). I felt dirty touching a GOP ballot, but it was too important to keep the crazier ones away from positions of power.

dettrick jackson
dettrick jackson

A combination of Brewer, Thomas, Arpaio and Montgomery would be a perfect storm of outrage. The rule of law and our experiment in self-governance would both be in peril. I cannot even imagine....

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

The Arizona Republican party has no measurable level of ethics when it comes to television commercials. They will stop at nothing and will stoop to the lowest level possible to eradicate anyone who might be perceived to be in their way.

Ms Info
Ms Info

Thanks for taking one for Team Sanity, Duke.

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