Morning Poll: How F***ed is Maricopa County Now That the Next County Attorney Will Likely Be Another Joe Arpaio Lap-dog?

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Soon-to-be County Attorney Bill Montgomery
The voters of Maricopa County have spoken and it appears another Joe Arpaio lap-dog will be the next county attorney.

Former Assistant County Attorney Bill Montgomery pulled out a win against former, and interim, County Attorney Rick Romley.

Montgomery has the support of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the two appear to have the same ideology when it comes to law enforcement (despite Montgomery's secret criticism of the sheriff).

Montgomery is all but a shoo-in to win the special election thanks to Arpaio's nod of approval and the lack of a strong Democratic candidate.

His win comes as Joe Arpaio's former puppy in the County Attorney's Office, Andrew Thomas, refuses to concede defeat in the attorney general's race after a late night shift in election results gave Tom Horne a slim lead in the race.

Arpaio all but bought the county attorney's race (as far as we know), running "reelection ads" bashing Romley, so it seems Montgomery owes America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" a favor or two when he takes office.

We want to know what you think: how fucked is Maricopa County with another Joe Arpaio lap-dog in the County Attorney's Office?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Which primary race has been the ugliest?

- 14 percent say Ben Quayle V. Everyone.

- 25 percent say John McCain V. J.D. Hayworth.

- 61 percent say Joe Arpaio V. Anyone who opposes him politically.

Here is your morning poll:

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pit boss
pit boss

I have a suspicion, albeit slight, that this guy used Arpaio for the votes and is going to show his true, relatively moderate, colors if he does win the general. I can't get the stuff he said to Don Stapley out of my head. Whether it was political posturing or not he still had some things to say about Thomas' views on immigration and Arpaio being a bit long in the tooth and mentally scattered. I guess it could be a lot of wishful thinking as well.



We need your help!!!

Rick Romley is our best assurance that Shurf Joke walks a straight line. We will not accept a new County Attorney Bought and Paid For by a dirty little sheriff with his dirty little ads.

We are organizing a way to get Rick Romley elected as the Maricopa County Attorney for the next (2 year) term. Rick Romley is not afraid to say "no" to Shurf Joke and we need to keep him in office, despite Arpaio's purchase of Bill Montgomery.

If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work with our group, please email

Include your azcentral id (or ids) and copies of some recent posts you have made regarding the election, the process, the sheriff and his staff, Romley and his staff, Andrew Thomas and his former staff, or Maricopa County politics in general.

Let's TAKE THIS COUNTY BACK from Joe Arpaio. He cannot control us all!


I have a hobby. Every Wednesday I drive around to the locations in my neighborhood that have New Times stands and I openly take the entire stack of freshly printed papers and pile them in my car. After a couple hours I usually gather about 500 papers or so (total guess on my part, I have never bothered to count). I then take them to the first dumpster I find and throw them in. I call it my personal BOYCOTT. I know it isn't much, but I take heart in the knowledge that I am doing my part to take down the mindless PC-propaganda machine that is called the New Times. If you are like me, and you are sick to death of the hateful extremist bullshit that is constantly streaming out of this paper I encourage you to do the same thing. Every time you see a New Times stand take all the papers in the stand and throw them away. Together we can force the editors of the New Times to go back to the good old "Entertainment" reporting they used to engage in. Otherwise we will simply bury them. Either way works for me.

Phoenix Justice
Phoenix Justice

Its not the fact that the Democrats don't have a strong candidate running against Mr. Montgomery, its the fact that there is no Democrat running at all.

Maybe Mr. Romley could run as an independent? I would vote for him.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

The biggest difference now is that the Board of Supervisors and all the courts are aware of what MCSO has been doing. It might be that Montgomery will be an MCSO bobble-head, nothing more or less. Yes, Montgomery owes the election to the Flaccid Fool, and we can all bet it's been a discussion prior to the election and likely as recently as this very morning.

When Thomas was first elected he came in as a shining new face, endorsed by Mr. Romley and many others. In this case it seems the only endorsement for Montgomery was from the Flaccid Fool. Once he goes down in flames the endorsement goes with him...


Not any more fucked than we have been, all along. Now it's up to that federal grand jury.

Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke

At least he was gracious, declaring victory with like 2% of the results.


Hopefully the Horne margin holds, because I can imagine a andy/'joe/bill/jan axis of goosestepping evil

former republican
former republican

This is deja vu, thomas to montgomery, virtual unknowns taking control of the most powerful position in the state of Arizona. It's time for the people to become VERY concerned. Though, pit boss comment remains hopeful, It's hard to imagine going in a different direction from the past 17 years of the arpaio reign of terror on the communities.

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