Lisa Aubuchon's County-Funded Lawyer Submits $966 Bill to County for Tailing Court-Appointed Investigator



The county-funded lawyer for Lisa Aubuchon submitted a $966 bill to the county for hiring private investigators to tail the lawyer appointed to investigate Aubuchon and former Maricopa County Andrew Thomas.

An expense sheet submitted to the County Attorney's office contains the entry for the amount and the company that performed the work, Valle Del Sol. We tried calling the Gilbert firm, but got no answer.

Dennis Wilenchik hired the private investigators to tail John Gleason, the Colorado lawyer appointed by the state Supreme Court to look into allegations against Thomas and Aubuchon. NOTE: Wilenchik's firm tells us today that Wilenchik did not hire the private eyes. Mark Goldman, one of the lawyers at Wilenchik's firm, hired them).

Wilenchik firm's fees for representing Aubuchon in the investigations are being reimbursed by the county.

valle del sol logo.jpg

Click here to see the statement from Wilenchik's office.

Aubuchon has filed a $10 million claim against the county, citing "severe emotional distress" due to allegations against her.

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