In Case You Didn't Hear Him the First Time, Ben Quayle Thinks Barack Obama is the Worst President in History

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James King
Ben Quayle
Ben Quayle, the Republican nominee for Congress in Arizona's 3rd District, concluded his primary campaign this afternoon with a touch of humor.

At the office of his PR firm, Quayle thanked supporters and addressed the media for the first time since becoming the GOP's nominee. When he took to the mic, he told reporters he really only had eight words for them: "Barack Obama is the worst President in history."

The obvious reference to his uber-lame/ uber-controversial campaign ad was met with brief laughter before Quayle went on with the meat of his speech -- we'll get to that later.

First, we want to tell you about the best part of the entire press conference.

When Quayle took questions from the 20-or-so reporters in the room, one of the dopier more aggressive news-hounds pressed Quayle on his assertion that Barack Obama is the worst president in history. She argued that Ulysses Grant was the worst president ever and after Quayle cited his reasons -- namely Obama-care and the president's apologizing for America across the globe -- she continued to argue her point as though her opinion, which apparently differs from Quayle's, could somehow be proven as fact.

It was like watching two people argue over which fart smelled worse -- with one thinking there was actually a way to prove it. In other words, it's an opinion -- a concept the reporter didn't seem to grasp.

As for Quayle's speech, it was fairly standard as far as day-after-election speeches go.

Quayle thanked his opponents and said he enjoyed getting to know them over the course of the campaign, blah, blah, blah.

He went on to credit Barack Obama with his decision to run for Congress, saying "the very foundations of America's greatness are under assault in Washington D.C. -- I have some news: the counter-assault begins right now."

Quayle again was forced to defend himself over his ties to "The Dirty" as local and national media outlets continue to treat the issue as though it's the equivalent of finding a dead hooker in the trunk of his car.

Quayle's Democratic opponent, Jon Hulburd, is already jumping on board "The Dirty" train saying in a statement today "this election is now between Jon Hulburd and Brock Landers. It's between a young man who fabricated a family, degraded women, and then tried to lie about it, and a small businessman and father of five who has been dedicated to his community. These concerns were raised by Republicans during the primary and at least 77 percent of Republican voters were unhappy with Ben Quayle's response."

We spoke with Hulburd's campaign spokesman, Josh Abner, this morning, who says "The Dirty" affiliation isn't an issue coming from the Hulburd campaign, rather it's unfinished business from Quayle's Republican opponents in the GOP primary.

"We don't look at it as an attack, we look at it as a chance for Ben Quayle to explain to voters what he did," Abner tells New Times.

The Quayle campaign quickly issued a response to Hulburd's attack saying "it's always great to see desperation set in around your opponent on the first day of the campaign. Hulburd apparently thinks there's a crying demand in Washington for another liberal blowhard who talks out of both sides of his mouth and sells out the taxpayers to the special interest tax cartel. But from here in Arizona, it looks like all those positions are taken."

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worst president in first 18 months hands down. stem the red tide on Nov 2.

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

Actually Quayle is correct, his statement was taken out of context, here is the complete quote: 'Barack Obama is the worst President in history who was elected in 2008. If you want to go back BEFORE 2008, you will find many examples of worse Presidents than Barack Obama, his predecessor comes immediately to mind, but as far as Presidents elected to the US in 2008, Obama is the worst.'.

See how the 'Liberal Media' distorted that and left out the part about how he was only choosing a single election cycle for his history reference? Now it makes more sense and makes him sound FAR less retarded.

pit boss
pit boss

After I saw his campaign commercial I wanted to put him in a headlock and thought he had no shot because people wouldn't be able to take him seriously and/or would see through his BS.

Then I remembered this is Maricopa County and the monologue in his commercial was exactly what every mindless Republican automaton wants to hear around here. At that point I realized he's a smarter POLITICIAN than most people are giving him credit for -- he knows exactly what to say and who to say it to.

God (or Jesus or Allah or Buddha or Oprah) help this sorry county out of this right-wing Christian hole.


I'd like to know what this idiot is smoking, he must not have lived in this country the last ten years or did he forget the Bush clown circus that reacted so well to Katrina? Or the war we're in that has killed thousands of our brothers and sisters in uniform for no good reason? How about the banking and jobs and mountains of debt that Mr. Obama inherited? Must be some damn good drugs.


I think it's only fair to give Mr. King some credit for his laugh-out-loud observation on the dirty scandal - "...local and national media outlets continue to treat the issue as though it's the equivalent of finding a dead hooker in the trunk of his car." Brilliant Mr. King.


Only the son of a rich old white man could make such a totally Un-American statement about our President.


What a douche bag. I'm beginning to think Arizona deserves him, though.

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