Hispanic Tea-Baggers Roll Three Deep to Protest New Times. Say We're Communists With No "Itelligence"

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We wish these were the guys camped out in front of our offices today. Unfortunately, our protesters were teabaggers.
The monotony of a fairly slow news day was briefly interrupted here at New Times this afternoon, when a trio of Hispanic teabaggers (J.D. Hayworth supporters, nonetheless) camped out in front of our downtown Phoenix offices to call our writers "communists" with no "itelligence."

We're assuming they meant intelligence but we caught their drift.

They were surprisingly pleasant, as far as angry protesters go. Check out some photos after the jump.


The man with the megaphone is Arthur Olivias -- a Hispanic gentleman who opposes anyone who isn't anti-illegal-immigration.

Arthur Olivias and his cronies. We think the guy on the right's the "muscle."

New Times apparently made the list of stops on his afternoon of picketing.

Olivias believes we're "in cahoots" with Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox and others who oppose Arizona's tough, new immigration law. He says he made stops at their offices, too.

This was one of their signs. Where to start?

Olivias says he was even at the office of County Attorney "Rich" Romley, too. See below.

Check the bottom left corner.

Olivias repeatedly shouted "New Times is a communistic newspaper" into his megaphone as reps from our HR department sat cackling in front of the building.

We tried to explain to Olivias that we sell ads here at New Times -- a lot of ads -- we don't exchange services. He wasn't havin' it.

He continued to hoot and holler into the mega-phone as we snapped pictures of him and his two cronies, who declined our invitations to speak as Olivias carried on his rant.

We offered to hug it out with Olivias but he declined. We settled on a firm handshake, and an agreement to agree to disagree.

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Arthur Olivas Jr.
Arthur Olivas Jr.

James.you may try to make fun of us protesting at the new times. But again nothing new. Why don't you tell them that every person in the place was so pissed off that your rent a cop call the police and beg them to move us away and the police said hell no they have a right to protest here. We are in america this is not a communistic country!!! Now let me make fun of you. For I can see why you are from new york and not in new york. You see one of the cronies that was protesting was a lady. Now you may not know what lady is. Hopefully you mother was a lady and she kicked you ass out off new york because of you lack of intelligence and not hers. If that is what you and your coworkers egos feed off of I can see why you can't get a honest job. And like I said I will be back at the new times again. I want to see who has the most fun!!! Arthur Olivas Jr. ps.you are going to love us.

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