Teen-Targeting Clothing Store Forever 21 Pushes Maternity Clothing Line in Arizona -- and, Coincidentally, Two Other States With a Lot of Pregnant Kids

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If you're a pregnant teenager in Arizona, congratulations! Not for throwing away your youth by lettin' one slip past the goalie, but because your geographic location (and likely Arizona's astonishingly-high teen-pregnancy rate) allows you to be one of the most fashionable pregnant teens in the country. 

The women's clothing store Forever 21 has developed a new line of clothes that seems to be targeting pregnant teens, and Arizona is one of five states picked for the launch of the new line.

Why? Probably because Arizona teens tend to get preggers more frequently than teens in just about every state in the country.

According to a study by the Guttmacher Institute, Arizona has the second-highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation with 104 pregnancies per 1000 teens -- so the Grand Canyon State seems like a fairly decent spot to launch a line of maternity clothes for children.

Nevada holds the top spot with 113 pregnant teens per 1000.

The new gear is part of the Love21 Maternity line, and Arizona isn't the only capitol of teenaged conception chosen for the new line. The new gear is only sold in five states, though -- three of which happen to be in the top 10 when it comes to teen pregnancy rates.

California and Texas -- each with its own teen-pregnancy troubles -- will also feature the new line, as well as Utah and Alaska.

On the Guttmacher list, Texas ranks fifth with 101 pregnancies per 1000 teens. California comes in at No. 7 with 96.

While we felt a little gaybo checking out maternity clothes on the Forever 21 Web site, we gave some of the gear a look and -- as far as maternity clothes go -- they're not that bad. Check out some of the ads (featuring some extra-young-looking models here).

The line can be found at most Forever 21s in Arizona. For the complete list of participating stores click here.

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