Phoenix Woman Found Murdered in Home

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The Phoenix Police Department is asking the public's help in finding the person (or persons) responsible for murdering a 57-year-old Phoenix woman who was found dead in her home last night.

Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times that at about 9:30 p.m. yesterday, Phyllis Mizioch was found murdered in her home in the 15000 block of North 12th Street.

Thompson says the body was discovered by a relative and it's believed Mizioch was murdered at some point yesterday.

Thompson wouldn't say how Mizioch was murdered but tells us more details may be released in the next few days.

Police currently have no suspects in the case.

"It could have been the butler in the pantry -- at this point, we're not ruling anyone out," Thompson says.

Anyone with any information in the case is asked to call the Phoenix Police Department Violent Crimes Bureau at (602) 262-6141 or Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS or (480) TESTIGO.

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The boyfriend, David Simmons, was also in the house the day Phyllis was murdered - he spent the night with her, and he is definitely a wackjob. PSYCHO BASTARD

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Here is some basic information: Phyllis' husband Peter Mizioch has been surrounded by 4 unsolved murders in his life. His business partner, Ed Maciag; is a former PV cop, PI and was also a part of the French Corner Murders in Phx in the late 1980s. Ed was connected to those murders, kidnapping and other crimes during that time period, but charges were dropped when he testified for the prosecution. Now, Ed and Peter are business partners in Phoenix. Once recent unsolved murder, Peter found his old business partner dead at their office.

Now, late last year...Phyllis seperated from her husband of 15 years Peter. He left the house, she remained. Soon, she started dating a man named David Simmons of Peoria, he works for Safeway as an assistant manager. Ten days before the murder, Phyllis broke it off with him. Simmons is known to be a wackjob, uses women, and is on his 3rd divorce currently. PPD has verified that Simmons was at work during the time of the murder, he is not the suspect.

On the day of the murder, there were 4 people in her home in Moon Valley where she was later found shot in the head once, and two in the chest. Those persons were Peter, Marylin (peters daughter 24 yrs old), Ed and Phyllis long-time housekeeper. Ed Peter and Marylyn were there to inventory certain items from the home due to the seperation. All parties had left the home by 5pm. Phyllis was alive and well when the last person left that day. Later that night, her young neice found her dead by gunfire in the kitchen and called 911.

Peter has not been paid his life insurance on her as he is prime suspect #1. Ed is also a prime target in this case, as he has a history of blood on his own hands. Shooting two to the chest and one to the head indicates someone wanted her dead....not anger, and there was no signs of forced entry, or burglary; so she knew who she let into the house.

My instincts tells me that both Peter and Ed will be found dead in a trashcan soon. And nobody will care.


everyone knows that Pete and Ed were involved and their day will come.god have mercy on their souls

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