PETA Public-Service Announcements to Run in Valley Movie Theatres -- Thanks, Dan Harkins

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Thanks to an "unfortunate incident" involving Harkins Theatres owner Dan Harkins, his dog, his car, and this typical white-hot Valley summer, moviegoers at certain Harkins theaters must now sit through simplistic PETA public-service announcements before films.

PETA announced today that following the incident, in which Harkins was cited by Scottsdale police for leaving his dog in his car, it has partnered with the Valley movie theater mogul to have a PSA titled "Too Hot for Spot" shown at several Valley theaters.

"This story could have had a tragic ending, but Dan Harkins is turning a serious incident into an opportunity to educate the local community," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman."The rule is simple: When the weather turns warm, never leave your dog in the car."

The whole thing started when a Scottsdale police officer was waved down on June 24 by a concerned citizen who saw a dog locked in a BMW parked on the side of the Harkins theater at 7354 E. Shea Boulevard.

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, it was more than 100 degrees outside when the dog was found, and the pooch could be seen panting.

Dog owner Harkins came out of the theatre and told the officer he had been in the theater for about three hours but had come out several times to let the dog get air.

The dog turned out to be fine, but Harkins was cited for animal neglect.

Harkins felt so bad about the indecent that he issued a video-apology, which can be seen here.

The PSA was debuted in theaters over the weekend and will continue to run for four weeks.


The PSA is running at six Harkins outlets, so if you're in the mood for Dog-Ownership 101, compliments of PETA, head to Arrowhead Fountains 18 in Peoria, Gateway Pavilions 18 in Avondale, North Valley 16 in Phoenix, Shea 14 in Scottsdale, Superstition Springs 25 in Mesa, and Arizona Mills 25 in Tempe.

We're wondering if Harkins Theatres will continue to serve hot dogs (badop-ching!).

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just Me
just Me

PETA is one of the worst animal so called rights thing aroound. Do your homewookand see where the money you give to them really goes.Any thing they are connected with I am against.

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