Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Cruiser Crashes into Dude's Yard

​The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office seems to have a little egg on its face after one of its deputies crashed a police cruiser into a guy's yard for -- as far as we can tell -- no reason other than he was driving recklessly.

The officer and a passenger -- in the car for a ride-along -- were responding to a call early this morning when his cruiser crashed through a wall and nearly hit a house.

We contacted the Sheriff's Office to get the details but -- as expected -- nobody got back to us.

KPHO got the scoop, though, and it seems the officer was responding to a call about a domestic dispute when the cruiser hit a tree, careened through a wall and into someone's yard near 115th Avenue and Union Hills in Surprise just after midnight.

A witness says the cruiser stopped about a foot from the house.

The officer and passenger were taken to John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix where they were treated for minor bumps and bruises and released.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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I Can't Drive 55
I Can't Drive 55

MCSO aren't the only ones with dumbass coppers driving cars too powerful for them.A year ago at the corner of 19th. Ave & Peoria, a southbound P.P.D. Crown Vic was approaching the intersection with traffic occupying all S/B lanes stopped for the red light.I thought at the time... "Damn, dudes goin a little too fast". By the time the copper saw the intersection, he slammed on the Crown Vic's brakes, and with smoke pouring off the rear tires, he steered into the opposing N/B lanes and before he fully stopped, had passed two of the S/B cars. Quit playing with the computer and DRIVE.

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