"Honor Killing" Dad Faleh AlMaleki May Go on Trial in November

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Not a day or two goes by without someone contacting us to ask about the legal status of Faleh Al-Maleki, the Glendale man whose fatal October 2009 attack-by-car on his 20-year-old daughter Noor appalled (much of) the world.

Faleh Almaleki.jpg

The comments usually go along the lines of this:

"When is that sorry bastard going to get his, and be sent to prison for the rest of his miserable life?"

We published a cover story on this tragic and horrifying case a few months ago,


We called it "Honor Thy Father." and it revealed for the first time all you have to know about the sick pup in the photo, Faleh Almaleki, and his evil machinations against his beautiful daughter.

The definition of a coward, Almaleki sped off after he intentionally plowed his Jeep Cherokee into his daughter and a friend of hers in the parking lot of a state Department of Economic Security office in Peoria

Noor Almaleki suffered fatal injuries.

Her friend survived.

Authorities in London detained Faleh Almaleki several days after the incident.

Almaleki later suggested to police and (in secretly taped jailhouse conversations with his wife) that Noor's insistence on disobeying and disrespecting him had led to the midday attack.

Almaleki waived extradition to Maricopa County, where he pleaded innocent to first-degree murder and to several other charges. He remains incarcerated at the county jail in lieu of $5 million bond.

The 49-year-old Glendale man's trial is now scheduled to start November 29, but don't hold your breath. Court dates, for myriad reasons, routinely are pushed back.

Faleh Almaleki is facing life in prison if (more likely when) a jury convicts him.

If the Iraqi-born defendant ends up plea-bargaining to a reduced charge, it's extremely unlikely that prosecutors would offer anything short of the guarantee of a very long prison term.

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These muslims (especially from muslim countries), live by something called shariah law (search google for shariah law vs western law or similar). Basically, this is condoned. There is a movement afoot to "incorporate" shariah law (with a basis in the Koran) into western law.

We should NOT allow this to happen at all. Shariah law is so fundamentally different than Western law that the two cannot co-exist.

All the freedoms we enjoy, would not amount to much, if that happpened.

Read up on Shariah law for yourself. We cannot allow this law to be incorporated into our judicial system.


no logic for such an action.these people shouldn't immigrate

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