Hit-and-Run Suspect on Loose After Hitting, Killing Mesa Bicyclist

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Tempe Police Department
The driver of a car that looks like this one hit a guy over the weekend. The driver didn't stop.
The Tempe Police Department needs your help in tracking down the person who drove a car into a Mesa bicyclist, killing him, and then fled the scene.

Police Sergeant Steve Carbajal tells New Times that while the victim was from Mesa, the incident happened in Tempe, near the intersection of Southern and Rural roads, on Saturday night.

According to police, the victim, identified only as a 32-year-old male,
was riding east on his motorized bicycle when he was hit by a vehicle
making a left turn from Southern onto Rural Road.

After hitting the victim, the driver drove off. He has not
been identified.

The car, police say, has been preliminarily identified as a gold or
beige 2002-2007 Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable (similar to the one in the

Police say the car may have a missing passenger-side
mirror and should have damage to the front passenger side. It also
may have a broken front passenger side window.

If you've seen the car or know what happened, Tempe police want to talk
to you, so give them a call at 480-350-8311 or phone Silent Witness at

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Like it or not, there is about a 99 percent chance that the hit-and-run driver was an illegal. Why? Because anyone else wouldn't think they have a chance of getting away with it. Illegals have no records, no car registration to track down, no driver's license, most likely not a single shred of identity that can be tracked by the police. This guy is probably working at a mcdonalds in another state by now and will never see justice. Welcome to Arizona. My condolences to the family.


You are full of shit Max! You fucking morons blame everything on illegals. How handy for jerks like you who will never take responsibility for your own actions.

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