Ex-Tucson Hells Angels Leader -- Known Among "Brotherhood" as "Tramp" -- Arrested After Cops Find Dead Body Buried in His Yard

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William Gary Potter
The former leader of the Tucson chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang -- who goes by the name "Tramp" -- was arrested this morning after deputies from the Pima County Sheriff's Department found a dead body buried in his yard.

Pima County Sheriff's spokesman Jason Ogan tells New Times that 54-year-old William Gary Potter was taken into custody early this morning after a missing persons investigation led detectives to his property near the 17300 block of South Sierrita Mountain Road near Tucson.

Detectives were looking for Randall Scott Pfeil -- who went missing on July 9. They found his body buried in Potter's yard.

Ogan says while searching Potter's property, detectives found a "disturbed area of dirt."

Detectives got to digging and sure enough -- a few feet below the surface -- they found the body  with what Ogan says were "obvious signs of trauma."

Autopsy results later confirmed the body was Pfeil. The cause of death, however, has not yet been officially determined.

Because the investigation is ongoing, Ogan wouldn't say if the two men knew each or what led investigators to Potter's property.

Potter's been charged with first-degree murder. His wife, 51-year-old Karen Ann Potter -- who was on the property when Potter was arrested -- has been charged with hindering prosecution.

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